By Anonymous - 23/12/2016 02:26 - United States - Tucson

Today, my husband still hadn't gotten me anything for Christmas, so I bought and wrapped my own presents. Then I had my husband write 'to me, from him' on them so that I won't be embarrassed in front of my family on Christmas when it comes time to open presents. FML
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At least you didn't get a crappy gift, just a crappy husband

Hope one of the gifts you bought was a new husband!


Hope one of the gifts you bought was a new husband!

No don't even do that. Embarrass him in front of everyone.

Exactly.. now he's gonna think that his actions are acceptable. They're definitely not.

Give your loved ones the gift of understanding why you're getting a divorce soon.

At least you'll get exactly what you want.

At least you didn't get a crappy gift, just a crappy husband

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Ydi but only for not telling him straight to get you a gift or gtfo! It's really not difficult and very selfish. I suppose that might be a silly reason to end a marriage though lol

Eh, my wife and I get our own presents for ourselves and the other wraps them. Easier for us that way. Of course, we still get a surprise or two, but it works for us.

That's great if it's something you agreed between the two of you. That's obviously not the case here though, OP's husband is a piece of crap who couldn't be bothered to buy his wife anything for Christmas, and he doesn't deserve a wife let alone anything for Christmas.

Ya but you and your wife have agreed to that, OP would like it if her husband bought her gifts:/

Yikes. Looks like he won't be getting any of your "gifts" for a while.

I'll bet it was a real challenge to wrap the yacht, beach house, and diamond-encrusted aircraft carrier, but you powered through it!

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My mom does this too, the only person my dad buys gifts for is his mother

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What a jerk

Same thing happened to me! I finished buying and wrapping all our gifts and thought "huh, I won't get any". My husband has completely forgot all gifts this year: our anniversary and my birthday as well. It really pisses me off, but this time I just told him to get me something, and he did.