By Anonymous - United States - Tucson
Today, my husband still hadn't gotten me anything for Christmas, so I bought and wrapped my own presents. Then I had my husband write 'to me, from him' on them so that I won't be embarrassed in front of my family on Christmas when it comes time to open presents. FML
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By  blissfully_me  |  16

Ydi but only for not telling him straight to get you a gift or gtfo! It's really not difficult and very selfish. I suppose that might be a silly reason to end a marriage though lol

By  CharybdisClan  |  15

Eh, my wife and I get our own presents for ourselves and the other wraps them. Easier for us that way. Of course, we still get a surprise or two, but it works for us.

  nix1993  |  41

That's great if it's something you agreed between the two of you. That's obviously not the case here though, OP's husband is a piece of crap who couldn't be bothered to buy his wife anything for Christmas, and he doesn't deserve a wife let alone anything for Christmas.

By  PJSandWitch  |  3

Same thing happened to me! I finished buying and wrapping all our gifts and thought "huh, I won't get any".
My husband has completely forgot all gifts this year: our anniversary and my birthday as well. It really pisses me off, but this time I just told him to get me something, and he did.