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Today, my wife knows tattoos are a huge turnoff for me. She decided the best way to change my mind about them would be to get one. Across her neck. Of our dog's name. FML
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She's gonna have fun trying to find a reputable job

Not really. McDonald's is always hiring. And they have quite the reputation.

Nah, I once saw a thing where a girl with a tattoo of an ejaculating penis on her chest got a job. But by and large, they are frowned upon.

CheeseTron 15

I would just grow a hideous mullet to get back at her

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64, that is just freaking nasty.

I love it when stupidity becomes permanent. Your wife sounds awesome.

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^Oh the irony of this idiot...

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Define "they".... Tattoos of ejaculating penises? Or just tattoos in general?

Get her a collar; she likes it rough, as mentioned, and she has a penchant for doggy-styled things.

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Everyone loves ass-licking chihuahuas!

Animals in general. All those perverted posts I've moderated.. O_0

22- it was posted in less than 48 hours... it made through moderation lol

114- what the **** are you trying to say?

I'm not sure what he was trying to say either...

Could also be her lover's name. That's just coincidently the same as your dogs.

Because Mr. Wiggles is a common name among men.

You sure have an active imagination. When I say bagel, what's the first thing that pops into your head?

Or maybe that's not a coincidence at all

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you can always put a bag over her head when ******* her ...

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Yeah, if you want her to suffocate.

" but she put a bag on my head..." "doesn't matter had seeeexxx!"

Don't forget to cut a hole out for the mouth!

KiddNYC1O 20

Some people actually dig asphyxia during sexual encounters.

agonydrum 7

65 I don't think he was talking about a plastic bag.....and paper bags don't suffocate people

Just buy her a scarf... bitches love scarves...

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128- Paper bags don't suffocate people... Alrighty then. Anything obstructing airways has the potential to suffocate people.

You couldn't possibly tell me that didn't change your mind. That sounds like a great idea. I may get 'Buster' across my forehead, in honor of my dog.

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Get one on your penis that says "DIVE," but when she rubs it, it says "DIVORCE."

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61, are you the same iiCaptain with the vanilla house and white dog"S"? :P

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BEST COMMENT I've ever seen. Lmfao

Get her turtle necks for her birthday, valentines and Christmas!

Why wait for holidays? Get her one for every day of the week!

73 - Get her them as gifts on those holidays, not just to wear on the holidays.

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If its her first tattoo. Why the hell would you put it on your neck? The dogs name, not so bad. But on the neck? Really?

Some neck tattoos are sexy don't be so judgmental

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I have nothing against neck tattoos. I have tattoos. I'm just saying for the first one also knowing her husband doesn't like them. At least put it somewhere it can be covered by clothing.

I understand what you were saying now, my bad :)

Be wary of getting foreign symbols, might be something else entirely, like that girl in Larry Crowne.

I was thinking about getting the math symbol for "there exists" behind my ear so I could cover it with my hair, but I don't know if it's worth it.

Britney Spears reportedly got a tattoo she thought said "mysterious" but actually meant "strange." lol

#86: Right, the Moderators must be playing with comments again.

"Today, I got beaten up by a Japanese gang. Turns out my tattoo told them to go **** themselves, and that their fathers smelled of elderberries. I thought it meant 'sophisticated'. FML"

agonydrum 7

86 a little bit of fruedism there? Remember matricide is always wrong

86- now imagine the tattooer also thought you said 'murder' :p not that 'mother' even in Japanese is all that better. If I saw the word mother tattooed on someone in my language, I'd be like daffak? I'm guessing a Japanese would be the same. Just my opinion.

Do it, Maths for the win. If I was to get one I'd get Euler's identity on my forearm.

126- So you only read the comments up to that one before you replied? Genius, mate.

133- *Tattooist. Not tattooer. That's not even a word.

I remember one of my Japanese friends telling me that he always gets a good laugh at most Japanese kanji tattoos, because they are either completely wrong or look like they were written by a five year old who doesn't know what brush stroke order to write in. It's always a good idea to do research when getting a tattoo in a foreign language. And if possible, get it done by someone who actually speaks/writes the language so they know what it's supposed to look like.

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she did it on her neck . not op's neck

Dogs name is just as stupid as the location. But across the neck, how lovely, right?