By anonymous - 21/12/2009 19:23 - United States

Today, my boyfriend decided to give me my Christmas present early because he's going to his grandparents' house for Christmas and won't see me. I was excited, until I unwrapped a sweater that I left there a month ago. FML
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Your boyfriend FTW.

at least it wasn't someone else's sweater


Your boyfriend FTW.

For the win, indeed At least you will not be cold While you cry alone

Regifting FTW

You seem to be a little confused.

It's a gift-because-(YouLeftThisHereAndNowIt'sMine)ing ???

Atamix 0

i thought it was when you give a gift that was given to you...



Brilliantness in itself right there. I mean atleast he GAVE you a present! Wait, atleast or at least? This looks like a job for The Grammar Nazis!

Grammar Nazi on the job! :-P It would be "at least". Two separate words. As in, "At least you actually know how to spell and type!" :-)

at least it wasn't someone else's sweater

#10 has a very valid point (: also, i don't get any presents at all; Christmas, birthday, etc. so stop whining.

What concerns me is he might have thought it was someone else's sweater. :/ Unless he did it on purpose. Then it's hilarious.

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well that's not thoughtful. I'd rather have a home made card or something that took some effort! give him a coupon to be in your prescence for Christmas ;D

what does FTW mean?[

Dr Haiku, you are awesome. XD