By anonymous - United States
Today, my boyfriend decided to give me my Christmas present early because he's going to his grandparents' house for Christmas and won't see me. I was excited, until I unwrapped a sweater that I left there a month ago. FML
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By  Tigg3r  |  3

Brilliantness in itself right there. I mean atleast he GAVE you a present! Wait, atleast or at least? This looks like a job for The Grammar Nazis!

  Kharma25  |  0

Grammar Nazi on the job! :-P It would be "at least". Two separate words. As in, "At least you actually know how to spell and type!" :-)

By  thinmint  |  0

well that's not thoughtful. I'd rather have a home made card or something that took some effort! give him a coupon to be in your prescence for Christmas ;D