By Broke Mama - United States
Today, with the cost of craft supplies that ended in a DIY fail, then a costume and overnight shipping, I have now spent $90 to obtain a $10 hat and vest for my daughter to play a cow in the school Christmas play. She will say "Moo" three times with 5 other cows before leaving the stage. FML
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  lexxer101  |  0

#1, I see whatcha did there. Haha that sucks. At least you're being a good mommy. I'd say make that her Christmas present though. You spent a lot of money on her just for her to say "moo."

  HahaHokayThen  |  10

Same thing happened to this little girl I knew, she was in the Nutcracker ballet & had to practice for about a month, & ended up getting to run across the stage twice.


it wasnt even bad though, it didn't even come close to working. maybe if it was something relating to moo and not just addicts a bunch of o's into a word it couldn't. Herp derp yourself.

  NessieNessa  |  1

Exactly. You should be happy that it makes your daughter happy. No need to be selfish! No offense, but seriously, I appreciate every little thing like that that my parents did.

By  Blackmail111  |  9

What the hell kind of school is this? If my kids went to a school as cheap as that after all the fund raisers for the school that went to the school then I would transfer them. Unless all the money went towards school supplies then I would understand why they didn't have enough for costumes.


Please shut up. Not every school is fucking rich and like you said, it could have been spent on SCHOOL SUPPLIES instead of cow costumes. Not every costume is paid for, as it can be donated or made by families. If YOU are not willing to spend money on costumes, like the mother of the FML, the school isn't being "cheap", YOU are. Get your ignorant ass out of here.


^ Relax. In regards to the actual comment (and not the flip out response) I disagree. Fundraisers go towered buying stuff like new pays Ed equipment or new educational tools like textbooks, smartboards©, etc, not costumes for a skit. it was probably voluntary to act in it, they can't force you to do it, so really it's OPs fault not the schools.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

Yes, they can force a kid into participating in a school play. My elementary school did it all the time. They can't force you to buy the costume but they can make it compulsory to be in the show. Our school always asked for donations in case a kids family couldn't pay for a costume but that didn't mean that we didn't still have a few kids just in dress pants and a clean shirt. No one wanted to be in a donated costume any more than they wanted to be in no costume.

  Blackmail111  |  9

Hey 73 how about you take your happy pill and get your ignorant ass out. If I had to pay 100$ to see my kid say moo 5 times rather than spending it on my family with economies nowadays I wouldn't buy the damn cow costume because when I went to school we had fundraisers for the school every like 3 weeks and afforded everything and this didn't happen at only 1 school it happened at all of the schools I went to.So before you call me ignorant and flip out reconsider things.


they can't make you do anything actually, your not obligated to do it. they can urge you to do it, but especially something like a school play, you can't fail for not doing it. so if you can tell me what implications there would be if you said "no I'm not doing this" what can they do? nothing. maybe they send you to the principal, but there is absolutely nothing they can make you do (don't take that completely literal, cause I some "people" would).

By  FMLsOhilarious  |  6

Haha wow, at least you can say your money is well spent in this economy all for five "moos" on stage. Oh wait, no you can't. You just spent an extra $80. Sucks for you, but at least your daughter will be happy.