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Today, I decorated my boyfriend's house for Christmas as a surprise, just in time for him and his family to come home. Also just in time for him to tell me he's Jewish. FML
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If she didn't already know her boyfriend was jewish, I feel it was too early in the relationship to do anything to his house as a surprise.

I find it creepy that you broke into his house.


This really depends on how long ya'll have been dating whether it's an FML or YDI

If she didn't already know her boyfriend was jewish, I feel it was too early in the relationship to do anything to his house as a surprise.

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I agree... I think that someone's religion is something you should know before you even get into a relationship with them in the first place.

Well they have obviously dated long enough for her to have a separate Key to his i'd assume it's more of a YDI instead of a FML.

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It could be that he just never thought of telling her because it never came up or he thought it wasn't important to tell her.

Probably under a year because she would've found this out last Christmas

Long enough to know how to get into his house, apparently.

You decorated his house without even knowing his religious background? Lesson learned I hope!

How did she not know? All the signs were obvious. *sitcom like flashbacks* "Hey honey, want some pork chops?" "No thanks, I don't eat pork because I'm Jewish." "Sweetie, why is your penis like that?" "It is circumcised because I'm Jewish." "I love you! You're so funny! You should be a comedian!" "Thank you. It's because I'm Jewish."

You figure there had to be some sort of evidence of his religious background in his house. Especially in the middle of Hanukkah.

Not necessarily, 41. I have friends and relatives who consider themselves culturally but not religiously Jewish. You'd think the fact that he didn't have Christmas decorations up already would have been a hint that he doesn't celebrate Christmas for whatever reason, though.

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54- Why does the fact he not have Christmas decorations up matter? The only "Christmas" thing in my house is a hummingbird ornament for my mom. Sitting on top of the unwrapped gifts we are taking with us to go celebrate Christmas with family. We have a tree and ornaments, they are in the garage. Lack of Decoration isn't proof of Celebration.

83, I suspect OP would have taken your small decoration as a sign that you hadn't decorated enough and would have tried to rectify the situation by putting up lights and a tree for you. My point was that OP should have noticed that that her boyfriend didn't have decorations already when most everyone else had theirs up December 1st, if not earlier, and concluded that he wasn't into it, or just asked if he did anything for the holidays.

89 my house has no decorations. We leave that for the malls and the houses that leave theirs up all year long! Come Christmas day we might drag an old lawn ornament in, like a sleigh, to hold the gifts, but doubtful. We're not Jewish. Just lazy.

#89 Talk about generalizing. My family started putting up Christmas decorations yesterday. Just because "majority" of people do something, doesn't mean a particular person has to be a part of that group.

To the circumcised one I know people who are circumcised/do it to their children strictly because they wanted to, not because of religion.

most Jews in my family love christmas and even put up a tree

That is true. Many of my Jewish friends love the idea of putting up a tree. Also, decorating a tree doesn't necessarily have to be associated with Christmas. It's just a symbol of the holidays in general

Well, why not. Decorating an evergreen tree around winter solstice is not a Christian tradition, it's much older than that.

that's true, but I mean that they decorate a tree with Christmas themed decorations.

Christmas is the time of year when people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ. ;)

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29, Buddhists and Hindus don't acknowledge Jesus as the messiah. ;D

It was a quote from a movie or the Simpsons, I think. :/

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time to decorate the winter tree! happy winter solstice everyone!

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44, you sure it wasn't Shirley from Community?

Orthodox Jews will never put up a tree however it's not common, but happens in many reform or conservative jewish homes

I find it creepy that you broke into his house.

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It could just as easily be the outside of the house that was decorated.

True but I just find doing anything to anyone's property without their permission creepy.

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#31, some don't talk about their religious background unless you ask them or they tell you themselves. I never mention mines because people can be very judgemental whether if you're an atheist or religious person.

68- I've had good friends stop talking to me and even a girlfriend break up with me because I told them I was atheist.

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Then they are not your real friends

Was a nice thought but maybe hold off on gestures like this until you at least know him a little better

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Could be he's non-practicing. Like doesn't do everyday religious stuff, but celebrates the holidays. Sort of like people who never go to church but still celebrate Christmas. In that case, it could just have never come up and if they've been dating less then a year, OP wouldn't know.

I guess, but usually when people start dating they ask each other questions like that.

Maybe they hadn't been dating that long. There are about 50 Christians for every Jew in the US. It's a natural assumption to make.

if they haven't been dating that long why would she feel comfortable enough to go inside his house while no one is there and decorate?

@24, only about 75% of the population is Christians in the U.S. So it's quite an assumption to assume everyone you meet is without even checking.

That's a lot like stereotyping though. Just because a vast majority does doesn't mean you just assume.

#108 In another recent FML a girl just assumed her boyfriend was straight. Should she have asked too?

Well you can assume that if a man says he wants to date you that he's at least romantically or sexually interested in you. So yes, it would be safe to assume he is straight (except when he cries and says he isn't)

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Unfortunate, OP. At least you know now :-)

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Have yourself a merry little Chrismahanukwanzakah.