By Earths_Venus - 25/12/2009 06:28 - Australia

Today, I sat for 3 hours at my boyfriend's Christmas celebrations. He has 22 cousins. They open presents one at a time. In silence. I got nothing. FML
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Although it's true that Christmas isn't all about receiving gifts, didn't your boyfriend get you anything? At all? That's a bit unfair. Tell me, at least, that he gave you a gift in private at some point...

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yeah, I think the FML here is that OP had to sit bored for three hours in silence.


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lol sorry but Christmas aint about presents. OIh you better watch out. get your own stuff.

i immidiately thought of rednecks. anyone else?

"Today, the people around me failed to entertain me. FML."

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I have 31 cousins. and counting. yet only 1 sibling... o.O

Actually the corporatization of Christmas has made it all about gifts and obsessive spending. But that won't stop me from my macaroni drawings!

lol I love this fml because I doubt she got any of them presents, so why would they get her any.

Although it's true that Christmas isn't all about receiving gifts, didn't your boyfriend get you anything? At all? That's a bit unfair. Tell me, at least, that he gave you a gift in private at some point...

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eh he prolly has a different gift in store liek a hot air ballon ride. those r awesome. i wonder how much they cost. he probably thought it better to get things for his family and save up and make it up later... we're in a recession, kiddo you can have whatever you like

That is a good point, and very true. In fact, I feel her pain. I gave my parents pretty cool gifts and they gave nothing back. But aah well. Imo, I think he should have given a little something to her at the celebrations, though. Just to include her. No matter the cost or the size, it would have been cool to include her.

Hah, about like my brother-in-law and his GF. Got him a nice expensive gift set, and got her a few little gifts (like makeup and stuffed toys) that I knew she would enjoy. Hubby and I got nada from them, but EVERYONE else got something..though no one else bought them a thing. Irony.

ireply_wlyrics--> Australia's not in a recession, do your research before assuming the rest of world imitates America!! OP my boyfriends family does the one present thing at a time it drives me nuts (took 4 and a half hours this year), at least i got gifts though. I would of gone back to bed if i was you!! Good luck next year...

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lol, that sucks about the four and half hours. my boyfriends family has like, six adults and seven kids (with step parents and stuff) and everyone just dives into the pile :) haha

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ydi for being kinda ungrateful, but fyl for having an inconsiderate lover.... and i like your name

I agree. YDI for trying to make it about you and about you not receiving a gift. This is probably a family tradition that's been going on forever, and you think you should just jump in and everyone should get you something because you're his girlfriend? Seriously are you that into yourself? Yes, FYL for having to sit there through it all, but that's tradition there and you can either not go or deal with it. When I go to my girlfriend's house, I have to sit there through tons of gifts where they have to open them one by one, take turns doing so, and guess what the item is before they can open it. Guess what though, I don't complain, I usually don't get anything, and I don't care. I'm there for her since she wants me to spend the day with her and she makes me feel important even though there are a ton of other people in the room.

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its an fml because she could have spent christmas with her own family, but instead got stuck in what sounds like an unexpected and rigid christmas tradition for three hours. i get the impression that if she had known beforehand that she'd be sitting in silence for three hours on christmas day she would have arranged to have it elsewhere.

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also, how is she being ungrateful? she didn't GET anything to be grateful for, unless you count being told to sit still and shut up for three hours in honour of this creepy tradition

I agree with #37. FYL. She wasn't being selfish when she decided to spend her holiday time with her boyfriend's extended family instead of her own. Not only was that thoughtful, but it also had to be incredibly awkward and stressful. I don't know about everybody elses', but if my family knows we're having a family friend or somebody's boyfriend or girlfriend at our holiday party, we always get them something small to open. Its just common courtesy and good manners, just like a guest bringing a bottle of wine for the host, etc. Yes, she's being a bit materialistic and jealous, but I think any human being would be a bit secretly jealous and hurt in that situation, even if they're all ready to flame here.

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This site makes me hate Australians.

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????? lol wha, yo? and whats with ur username??

How can the OP be ungrateful if she doesnt have anything to be grateful for? Didnt your boyfriend get you anything? Unless you didnt get anything for him, in which case, the OP is a selfish bitch.

It's quite likely she did get him something. Besides, if she was a selfish bitch she wouldn't have sat through her boyfriend's family traditions.

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yeah, I think the FML here is that OP had to sit bored for three hours in silence.

kay, well, it's your boyfriend's family. i highly doubt you were supposed to get anything at all, if it was like a christmas exchange between the cousins, youre not included. sorry. thats how it goes. talk about selfish, get over yourself. don't b so offended that they didn't think to get someone they barely know a christmas present.

Since your boyfriend knew about how the celebrations work out and he most likely could figure out that noone else would get you anything, he ought to made sure that you at least got one little thing for that occasion. He's a douchebag and I would dump him big time. FYL