By paula434 - 05/12/2009 22:19 - United States

Today, I gave a speech at a charity event in part to help with my shyness. Nobody told me I was standing on top of an air vent. It went on. My skirt flew up, revealing my underwear to 90 people. Nobody remembers the content of my speech. FML
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They must have liked it then. 0.o


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They must have liked it then. 0.o

62 win! anyway OP at least that means ur hot and they liked it no matter how boring the speech itself was

haha. it's okay. they probably liked it :)

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Hopefully she didn't have granny panties on, lol.

omg you wear underwear thats so embarissing that everybody found out and saw the fact that you cant see much anyhow because you have underwear omg oh no i look the same in my underwear as every other woman fml fml omg

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So by that logic everybody should walk around naked and not worry about it, I guess.

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What a stupid thing to say, not every woman looks the same in their underwear. Someone 90 pounds is obviously going to look way different than someone 400 pounds and that's just one factor. She said she is shy so of course this was embarrassing for her.

yes everybody should just walk around naked not in winter in canada though it gets fuckken cold but in the warm months ya. and boo hoo your life isent f**cked itwas ony 90 people get over it lif goes on

and by same basic shape i mean same basic make up all women have the same general parts just like all me n have the same general parts although with men there is the size thing if you get my drift

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Capitals, commas, and periods. Learn them.

You can't even spell or construct sentences properly LOL.

#42 The side effects of not wearing underwear are unpleasant. But if you wanna do that, sure go ahead.

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8, 42, & 43, your comments were painful to read.

Showing 90 people your panties is quite charitable but you might raise even more money for your charity if you stood on a street corner and did it.

Or, throw another event at which you're going to speak and sell tickets. Once word gets around, those should fetch quite a lot of money (assuming the first audience liked the view).

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Sounds like an excellent opportunity to get over your shyness. That was a good thing.

do that a few more times, methinks you won't have any more shyness problems.

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yeah, repeat brokenboxofammo's statement a few more times and the OP won't be shy again.

That sucks, OP. And wow, look at all of the manwhores in here.