By Amanda Ross - 18/11/2010 23:12 - United States

Today, I went to school in my brand new shirt. It was loose fitting and a bit thin, so I wore a sweatshirt on top, intending to take it in once inside. When I got to my seat, I took off my sweatshirt, but also took off my shirt with it, flashing my whole class. FML
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how many pervs are here do you think are going to be looking up Amanda Ross on facebook now?

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just got the app watcha gays mean by OP

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36, your case is very understandable. I'd be happy to help. OP simply means "orgasmic penis". I hope this helps ^_^

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Because we need more leaders; Op stands for Original Poster.

I flashed my class once.. then my teache confiscated my flashlight! Then I woke up! Then I was mauled by a flock of polar bears! then I was shot by an Eskimo, who raped a evil chicken instantly, killing me dead! then I went up to heaven, chilled with god, till Satan came up n started a war, killing Jesus to death! god was so pissed he killed satan! this caused all those a holes in hell to come up to heaven. this annoyed god, so he created a mew Satan, but he wasn't scary enough, so he gave him a mask and a Santa hat, and he turned people to stone and married medusa, and they all lives happily ever after! the end(:

Boopity, if I did, I'd have put it in the story! Common sense, my friend!

As an omnicient being I can, did, and will put past, present, and future in my stories, so Ican assure you it will happen. Also, refer to my name and realize just one of many reasons for such a post. By the way, the leprechauns are coming!

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I once flashed a class my penis. I was then arrested for trespassing on school ground and got a nifty sign in my yard to boot!

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OP is "orgasimic penis", glad if tht help(: and #63, i agree, my friend.

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Um, oregano posture, duh! Those saying original poster obviously misheard

OP stands for Ostentatious Partygoer. Don't let them fool you.

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since u already showed the world... u can prolly show me now

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75- You heard #100! Show him your balls.

everybody is wrong. what op really stands for is 'outstanding pedophile'.

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Actually OP stands for orange prostate.

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I've got three words to say to that: that was the stupidest thing ive ever heard in my life!

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Let's just tell them what OP means. It means Old Pussy.

boooring. It's good you chilled with God though. You should've invited Satan too. :)

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I'm kind of feeling sorry for the newb right now. she/he just asked a simple and understandable question and she/he gets answers like 'orange prostate' 'orgasmic pain' and 'overly psychotic'.... oh well, ask Chacha.

don't listen to them, OP stands for opossum preserves.

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op stands for orange prositute. duhh

is there a way to "like" this reply? xD

how many pervs are here do you think are going to be looking up Amanda Ross on facebook now?

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SWEET. OP lives in MD, like me. Ideas, ideas.

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None until you mentioned it :P

#17 yeah right. 1/2 the guys on fml are pedos just looking to stalk all the teenie boppers on here. the other 1/2 of us are just here for sh!ts and giggles.

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So uh...which one of you wants to come to my house tonight? I have wine and weed...and a big bed...

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5- I bet you're the first one to do so.

now you all know my plan! ahhhhhhh my life us ruined...

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pretty shure no one was thinking that till you just mentioned it...

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lolz im here for shitz and giggles .. i didnt even know were to fibd the authors name xD

I had a quick peep on facebook. There are over 500 Amanda Ross', good luck finding her haha.

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I am here for the shit. No giggles for me, thank you.

OMG 115 it's Carlos!!!!!!!!!!! =) love that movie=)

I thought he looked like a Carlos...

I did it after I read your comment, and found a bunch of 1/2 nude pics thanks breh.

She lives in Maryland, use that to narrow the search down! Haha

At least your fml isn't saying that everyone said ewww

why didn't you wear a cami under a thin shirt. I say ydi

or grab your undershirt as you pull the hoodie off

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