By roo - 27/01/2011 16:48 - United Kingdom

Today, I was getting a flight home. I'd worn a belt because my skirt was too big. When I walked through security, they asked me to remove my belt. My skirt fell down in front of everyone. FML
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why didn't you just hold your skirt up with your hands?

Were you wondering if your new diet was working? Did your panties down fall with them too?


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at 12:10 pm? on a Thursday? Ah the joys of being irresponsible. And this is assuming you're in US. If not, then my apologies.

even more impressive is he sobered up in 3 minutes

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right? I thought the same thing.

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why didn't you just hold your skirt up with your hands?

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But then again, it would look suspicious to walk through the scanner with one arm awkwardly placed around your waist. Maybe the OP weighed her options and figured it is best to let them get a full view at her undies rather than be groped privately in search of "suspicious items". I'd pick the same option if I was OP. And I alway wear cute underwear in hopes that a cute guy sits next to me and wants to have a little fun- but that of course, has yet to happen.

Exactly. It's already strange to wear a skirt that's obviously tooooo big - but with a little bit of imagination we can come up with some logical, explainable situations - but if you know it was tooooo big, why didn't you hold it up?.

Oh come on, even if the security thinks holding up a skirt is suspicious, they can easily check it by 1) asking why she does it 2) scan it 3) touch her legs - her legs, not her butt or something near that area.

^ Not only that, but pretty much anyone who has ever flown on a public airline knows you are asked to remove belts/shoes. Plus I personally dress for comfort when flying... a sure YDI

I don't know if they introduced the new scanning machines to the UK but they make you put your hands up for that, which means you wouldn't be able to hold your skirt up.

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It was supposed to be a slightly sarcastic comment if you couldn't tell by the addition of "cute panties... cute guys" line at the end. Of course, it would be okay if she used her hand to hold up her skirt. I was merely pointing out why OP would have thought to NOT hold up her skirt. I mean if the skirt was that loose and she couldn't use her hands then she could have just spread her legs apart and even though she would have had to walk awkwardly at least she would have been saved from public embarrassment of indecent exposure. And deejpee, in reference to #3, I don't know about UK but security in US have a full right of groping you and I said groping because they are legally allowed to hand pat you private areas for suspicious items- there is even an infamous picture of Lady Gaga breasts being felt up by a TSA lady. It can be done privately if requested and is done by the person of the same gender as the person being searched.

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15- add a pic of yourself. I'm sure there's many fml-ers who would take you up on that offer. I do have to warn you though that for many you will have to be relaxed on your definition of "cute". Others, you need to be relaxed on the definition of "guy". 

why didn't you hold it up? you knew it was too big....sigh. some people..... lol

did you act like you meant this to happen and start dancing?

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Ooh. Sucks! Damn TSA now-a-days probably did that on purpose.

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UK= no TSA. but I'm sure they have their equally harassing form of airport security.

Were you wondering if your new diet was working? Did your panties down fall with them too?

LOL I read that FML too. funny that I thought of it right when I read this one too..

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did they pat you down after that too?

Were you going commando? Then you were Porky Piggin'?