By Kim422 - 28/06/2010 06:18 - United States

Today, I gave the toast at my sister's wedding which was outside. Before I started, the wind blew up my dress and wouldn't let up. Instead of giving my heartfelt speech, I spent five minutes fighting with my dress as 130 people pointed at my floral-printed underwear and laughed loudly. FML
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you just had to... I actually respected you for a few it's OVER! just playing, but seriously why the whole "first!!" thing .. I can read the #

Nobody cares that your first. I bet it took a lot of effort on your part, waiting, refreshing in desperation... Seriously? OP - Sorry about your dress, next time rock something a little less conspicuous, so you don't steal the show!

#7 hehe sorry about that It was my first time so I just jumped on it

13 how bout you read the comment under yours? then go go jump off a bridge and hope to catch your eyelid on a nail... kk thanks bye

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happy birthday mister president

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just start walking like a model and act like you meant to do that. like Marilyn Monroe

maybe wear normal underwear ? it's no big deal , it's underwear . it would be an fml if you weren't wearing anything

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at least it wasnt a big wedding! & whyy you wearin grannie panties? :D LMFAO

never said she was wearing granny panties it's a girl dude most feminine underwear has floral print altough longer panties are general used for formal dress

Wait-- er, huh? What are "longer panties," and why would you wear them in a formal dress? And since when are most panties floral? I'm starting to think that either all those girls are just a beard, or you're not the real Fonz. He should be intimately acquainted with female underpants. -__-

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daaaamnnn! nice boobs 29, and your hott!

I think you may be right, Jane. I have maybe one pair of floral underwear (and they're definitely not grannie panties). :/

gayest mother ****** FML on this website. you wasted my time biatch!

This is why you don't wear underwear

sounds like an anime, wish I was around, I always miss those moments, sept for a cat fight once and damn were they hot!

59- it looks like you're standing in a vag. lol jk. OP-C'mon, if it's gonna be windy, sew little weights in the hen of your dress. I work as a wedding planner and we have them seen on brides and bridesmaids dresses. Better luck next time! :D

97 -- You're the third person on this site to say that, haha. It's a sculpture by a friend of mine.

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Look at the bright side : you didn't have to give her a speech and plus you entertained everybody :P I bet you are their hero! :P

I am sorry OP... but the wind was trying to market your vadge! ;) I hope it worked

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Way to steal the spotlight, bitch. Now at your wedding, your sister is going to blow the groom for their speech.

The answer is 8! You're retarded I'd you didn't know that! That's grade 6 stuff!

I bet that was some cute underwear though!

I hope the speech was worth the 5 minute delay

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srry : ( that so sucks. # 9 love your hair : )

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u r an idiot 4 dating him & he is just plain stupid & that is just nasty, y the hell would u put that on here when little kids could c it

Umm.. sir (or lady, which is more likely based on your writing style), I do believe you have just created a fail comment. Please check your FML and try again.

I apologize. It is lady. I failed to read the username.

I apologize, it is lady. I failed to read the username.

Calm down count to ten and reread the FML good sir u have officially failed...