By Kim422 - / Monday 28 June 2010 06:18 / United States
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Nobody cares that your first. I bet it took a lot of effort on your part, waiting, refreshing in desperation...


OP - Sorry about your dress, next time rock something a little less conspicuous, so you don't steal the show!


Wait-- er, huh? What are "longer panties," and why would you wear them in a formal dress? And since when are most panties floral?

I'm starting to think that either all those girls are just a beard, or you're not the real Fonz. He should be intimately acquainted with female underpants. -__-


59- it looks like you're standing in a vag. lol jk.

OP-C'mon, if it's gonna be windy, sew little weights in the hen of your dress. I work as a wedding planner and we have them seen on brides and bridesmaids dresses.

Better luck next time!


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