By Anonymous - 13/04/2012 10:32 - United States - Singapore

Today, I was bragging about how I had lost 10 pounds. Grinning, I pulled my shirt up and tried to show how big my jeans were on me. Instead, the button flew off my pants. FML
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Maybe you should lay off the skinny jeans

10 lbs lighter and your pants are still too small? I shudder at the mental image of the muffin top you used to sport.


Maybe you should lay off the skinny jeans

Maybe you should lay off the big macs.

But if she lays of the skinny jeans she might start wearing jeggings...

Modesty would have prevented The embarrassment

@46: Also, people don't look any different +/- 10 lbs. Lose 50 lbs and brag about that.

Liar liar pants... Without buttons?

Up to 5 lbs of "weight loss" or "gain" can be accounted for based on the amount of fluid and fecal matter in your body. 10 lbs can be a noticeable loss... But only if you are under 100lbs

I hate when people who aren't skinny wear skinny jeans... There is a reason why they are called SKINNY JEANS!

You don't have to be a size 2 to look good in skinny jeans. Depending on what you wear with them big girls look just gone. I'm a size 16 and have one pair that look great on me with the right top. They also have to fit you right. Not all skinny jeans fit all people but some look fine.

They are called "skinny jeans" because they are tight and skinny the whole way down your leg. Stop being a bitch just because you can't fit into them.

I wear skinny jeans. I didn't even know they came in my size.

75- All I'm saying is fat people who wear clothes that are 2 sizes too small need to buy bigger clothes. Also, I wear skinny jeans and they fit fine :) So stick that in your juice box and suck it.

Does that mean that skinny people can wear clothes that are two sizes to small? I don't see why you are bashing on the OP. It never said anywhere that she was wearing clothes that were to small or that she was fat. She could have been weighing 75 kilo and lost 5 kilo. There could have also been another reason why the button fell off. I wear clothes my size and i'm not fat, but I have lost a button on my pants before. It happens. Stop being such a bitch. I do have to say that your username fits you perfectly.

You mad bro? If it makes you feel better, people should just wear the clothes that fit them, okay? Feel better now? And thank you :) that's why I picked it. I apologize. Clearly I have offended you.

Let me get this straight. You're a dude that wears skinny jeans bashing 'fat' chicks that wear skinny jeans? You know you come off as a snotty 15 year old girl with that comment, right? And that you're actually kind of a hipster trendfuck wearing women's jeans? Wear what you want but think about adjusting your attitude a little.

Who are you my mom? You know you come off as a self righteous bitch right? If you don't like attitude get off the fucking Internet.

Hahah 104 shut the fuck up newfag. By the way good job giving yourself so many labels in your biography. I couldn't help but laugh my fucking ass off at your shitty stream of thought typed out for the world to see.

Get bigger pants.

It all happens to the best of us?....... FYL.

Biggmike, just because you're fat doesn't mean that the "best of us" are.

I'd rather be with someone overweight then an ass. A lot of "Bigmike's" aren't actually fat. I am hoping that Bigmike is in fact almost 7 feet and hunts you down to throttle you. Just saying my opinion.

89 - or a midget ninja called Jiro and it's just an ironic nickname. But still the hunt down and throttle - just

Very true, ninja moves are terrifying. Deep breaths, I'm safe. *Looks around* whew!

You'll shoot your eye out, kid! ;) Well, congrats anyway OP! Keep up the good work.

Too far from the holiday for a Christmas story reference? It's a classic people! Lol

Hey! You're from Lancaster. I'm pretty close to you, ever heard of Juniata county?

Yes! I've been to Tuscarora many times!

I think we have about as many Amish as you do lol.

Most of my neighbors are Amish. Party animals! ;) Oh btw I love that you're a moon walking cowboy! I might steal that...

I'll give you permission. But only you, feel special haha. But up here they're a little spaced out compared to Lancaster. That place is like a half city half country haha.

But if you're ever up here partying I'll warn ya, we get a bit rowdy haha.

I got it lol. Admitted I seriously debated getting a friend a real red rider bb as a joke when they had them on sale earlier. :p And I'm up in Canada but I have Amish for neighbors too. Small world! :)

Haha! That would have been the best present ever! I would wear the biggest pair of safety googles, elbow and knee pads and gone to the shooting range to look at people's reactions!

Well, then you should invite me to a party then my new friend!

It is Friday isn't it? Haha if you wanna make the hour and a half hike up here we'll totally have big ol' Juniata party for ya.

Bonfire tonight, but there's always next weekend! I'm down! Hmu :)

That is exactly what's going on tonight up here lol. But how am I supposed to do that? Haha fml isn't known for communicating.

I will post my number on my profile for 30 seconds so you better be quick! Lol

Totally missed

You totally want me to get 50000000 dick pics from FML stalkers lol Ok 10 more seconds

why don't you just fucking message each other?

No messages on iPhone app but thx for fantastic idea douche waffle!

Ha! At least it wasn't one of the buttons on the bunny suit!

10 lbs lighter and your pants are still too small? I shudder at the mental image of the muffin top you used to sport.

maybe they bought new jeans but hadn't quite lost the clothes size they thought they had....

No, because if OP had just bought new jeans after losing weight, then they wouldn't be "big" on her. Unless she didn't try them on in the fitting room. In that case, YDI, OP!

*claps* nice job.

Maybe its time to buy bigger pants? Congrats anyways :D

Ladies, you're all pretty to me. Fat, thin, short, tall I love you all.

Thank you! We need more guys like you!

12 - If you want boys like that, check the friend-zone - you'll find lots...

Check the foreveralones. You'll find even more.

Obviously there are some unfortunate looking women out there, but weight has nothing to do with it unless they're 300+ lbs. You can still be fat and beautiful, but when you get into the super morbidly obese range it's not so much.

RadiationNeon is probably aware that when he says that he will suddenly become irresistible to all members of the female sex and will thus be able to take his pick. It's reverse psychology at it's best.

16- How much more right can you be?

Check the geeks and nerds too. Or keep ignoring them and I'll keep my man harem. Remember geeks like learning, so if you can deal with a little social awkwardness... They can be dynamite in bed. Just sayin ;)

Well if they were cheap pants that'll happen eventually. Either that or the zipper will break. No worries OP. Be proud anyway.

I hate buying jeans because of that reason!!!

I had a couple pairs for Walmart to wear as my work jeans so I wouldn't care if they got messed up. I got 3 pairs and the zippers broke on 2 of them. I finally just had to give in and buy more expensive jeans. Not fun if they get ruined.

Lol I got an image of a cartoon where the button flies everywhere breaking things....

Karma's a bitch, bitch.