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Today, my girlfriend came back from visiting her family. She'd forgotten to take her pills, and decided to "catch up" by taking almost a week's worth of birth control and prescription pills. She's fine, but I had to convince the ER staff that she's not suicidal, just stupid. FML
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I've gotten incredibly sick from catching up on one pill. I can't imagine what a week's worth could do... She could have really messed up her hormones, not to mention the consequences of mixing and overdosing on prescriptions. She's lucky to be alive.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

Well, taking two birth control pills together is essentially taking one dose of the morning after pill (then you'd take another two pills later), but it generally doesn't make you feel well.

I have Lupus and a bunch of other problems, if I forget to take my meds I'm screwed. If I take a double dose? Well, then I have enough narcotics in me to knock out a junkie for a week. >.> I also get hormone injections (like Depo Provera, only stronger) every few months, and that knocks me flat on my ass for at least three days.

I do NOT mess with my meds. Back when I was on Plaquenil (an anti-malarial that they use to treat Lupus), I'd forgotten I'd taken my nightly dose, so I took another dose. I don't think I could have had crazier nightmares on LSD. I thought there was a serial killer named Steve living in a trapdoor underneath the grocery store.


Lupus? House was right for once D: In all seriousness though, that sounds horrible. I thought it was bad that anything that says "may cause drowsiness" will cause me to fall asleep in public, regardless of where I am. I hope all goes well for you.

  HaraAishi  |  8

50, I thought it was the equivalent of 5 pills. Of course, right now I don't have my back up. Well... it might depend on what you're on. Mine is Ortho Triclin Lo. I don't get sick from doubling up on two if they're within the same week. If I double up on the end of one and the beginning of the second, then I get problems.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

#56 - ALL of my medications say 'may cause drowsiness' - and yet it's 4:10 AM and I'm still awake. NOT FUNNY, PILLS. I have 30mg of morphine (down from 100mg that I was taking a month ago), 30mg of Empracet, 10mg of Valium, and two Gravol pills (Dramamine in the US, basically an anti-nausea pill to make sure everything that's labelled 'may cause stomach upset' stays down - also known to cause drowsiness. My kingdom to sleep at night when I'm supposed to) - in my system, along with the usual hormones. I'm on a break from the anti-malarials at least, I *hate* those (those and the steroids - both make my hair fall out in bald patches, but the steroids made me throw up every night and not want to eat, and yet somehow gain 40lbs in the six weeks I was on them. NOT COOL, DRUGS!)

*glances down at the 'Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital' t-shirt she is wearing* Well, it was Lupus once. Or maybe twice. I forget. I have up on House in the last season, but I was a huge fan before.

My friends like to refer to my Lupus as my 'werewolf problem'. >.> I wish it were as easy as that. But it's been a few years since I was diagnosed, and I basically spent two years in therapy (physio and psych), plus stress-reducing technique classes - and had to learn not to live the high-octane, eight cups of coffee a day life that I used to.

Means I probably won't be a creative director for an advertising agency by age 35 (I'm an illustrator/graphic designer), but it does mean I get to spend all day on the couch with the dog watching documentaries on Netflix. It could be worse. :)

I still want a t-shirt that says 'IT'S NEVER LUPUS'. I would wear it everyday. Well everyday that isn't a hockey game that requires me to wear a jersey.

  4ube_fml  |  6

Bro you should never double. Ever. You must take the one you forgot less than 12h after the normal hour, and then take the next one normally. If you double it means you're 24h away from the forgotten one. In that case you should not take anything, have your menstruation early, then start again a new tab. And use condoms in the meantime for at least a month >_>