By Amy - 10/05/2012 19:14 - Canada - Prince George

Today, I woke up, only to find my arm was still asleep. I tried to move it just a tiny bit, but somehow ended up punching myself in the face. FML
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Have a wank, it will feel like someone else is doing it. You may as well use this opportunity.


If you just moved it up a little bit then it couldn't of been that hard of a blow....

I bet OP has an unusual deep voice too. It would totally keep up with the "Rocky" idea. #1 - By the way! Imperials are shit. Bretons are the best (Skyrim reference).

24:- I dunno...the Khajit are pretty cool! And OP should be glad she isn't one of those...the claws would hurt like a bitch!

And his right arm with a devastating 2000 psi punch- arman drajo!

#54 - +10 Conjuration, +5 Alchemy, Illusion, Restoration, Alteration, Speech Dragonskin : Absorb 50% of magicka from hostile spells for 60 seconds. Magic Resistance : Breton blood grants a 25% resistance to magic. ^ This is a Breton. It's the best my friend, for all types of players. (I'm a nerd, I know!) I've just realized, if OP's arm is dead or "asleep" then how the hell did she punch herself?

#11 Best profile ever. It made my day :)

#11 Best profile ever. It made my day :)

59:- I'll give you that...but how can you not live playing as a cat?!?

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This has happened to me twice bro I know it sucks haha

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I always hate doing that, glad my arms don't fall asleep that much. And @SkoomaKi, I quite prefer Nords.

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I prefer Nords for Skyrim because I like to be the race whose country the game is set in. I was a Dunmer in Morrowind and an Imperial in Oblivion...original, I know.

Have a wank, it will feel like someone else is doing it. You may as well use this opportunity.

It makes no difference peppermint, both genders can **********.

It's theoretically possible, but you spend a lot of time poking yourself in places where it is painful to poke. So it feels like someone else who has no idea what to do is doing it.

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Doesn't matter, just **********...

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The stranger!! A classic! ;)

I fail to see how this works but have a fun time explaining the bruise:)

Maybe a case of dead arm I've done it before when I woke like at midnight still asleep haha hit myself in the face then fell back asleep

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Your arm is not a morning person. Sounds like my daughter.

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I feel your pain, for I have done this so many times OP

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I feel asleep lying on my back with both arms behind my head before...I couldn't move or get up bc both my arms from my shoulders down were completely asleep. I embarrassingly had to yell to get help from my sister. So OP with that being said, I feel your pain

Your abs and legs were asleep too?

lol wait until you have to go to the bathroom and try to wipe with that hand.

Clearly you interrupted the aliens before they had finished their mission which was, of course, to punch you in the face. Mission accomplished.

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That's one way to wake up your arm!

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Your arm wasn't sleeping -- it was in ninja ambush mode. The way it struck would make Noor proud.

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Maybe it WAS Noor. She was so fast, the OP thought it was their own arm. Is possible, yes?