By Anonymous - 15/02/2013 07:18 - United States - Modesto

Today, I worked up my courage and took an elevator for the first time in my life. Unfortunately, it was also my first time getting trapped for several hours in an elevator. FML
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I was going to say that I've never really heard of elevators getting stuck where I love, but then I realized he lives in California and they have a lot I earthquakes there ahah.

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How did that happen? Elevators can handle a good amount of weight. So unless your friend can have a jump force of over 1000lbs, I see this as highly unlikely.

Indeed... I've been taking elevators my whole life and I haven't gotten stuck once. Sorry to say, but bad luck is really on your side OP :/

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Some elevators are hydraulic and some are cable. It probably matters which you try jumping around in. Hydraulics are less likely to plummet to the ground if something breaks

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Could have been skipping out on inspections, or you know, Murphy's law. But wow, what are the chances?

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There was a period of time not too long ago, where one of the elevators at the hospital I work at was getting stuck every night for hours at a time.

guys, its quite simple really, OP obviously tried to take the elevator in the building Sheldon and Leonard live in and Amy decided to take down the caution tape in order to study human behavior when caught in an elevator for several hours. I don't know why nobody noticed this earlier.

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Power outage. Believe it or not elavators work on this magical source called electricity. And sometimes generators don't have enough energy to restart them in a shortage.

I feel your pain op. I was 6 when i experienced the terrors of being stuck in an elevator. I was young enough to believe that there was only a finite amount of oxygen in there. Needless to say that I have never again set foot in another one of those death traps.

well youll be getting a good workout using the stairs now

Elevators typically have four steel cables. 3 of those 4 cables can break and the last cable can still hold its maximum weight, plus another fully loaded car beneath it.

I guess there's a good reason OP stays out of elevators

I was stuck in an elevator once for 3 hours. I only remember it because it was the day after my 18th birthday, it was a heat wave and I was slightly hungover. I stared at myself in the mirror until my face became distorted and I passed out. When I woke up a maintenance guy was poking me with a pen.

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15, I'm in San Diego and there aren't that many earthquakes here. Alaska, where I'm born and raised however, have at least one a day somewhere. They have more seismic activity there beside Antarctica. Also, to the Original Poster, no offense, but you willed it to happen. If you thought you were going to get stuck in an elevator while you were in it, you made it happen. People are probably thinking WTF is the lady talking about. It falls under Will Power: if you want it badly enough, it will happen, both good or bad. Google Will Power research and you'll see what I'm saying has truth and a ton of medical studies behind it. Better luck next time though!

there are these things called stairs, you may have heard of them

Well OP, at least you tried taking your phobia head on but fyl because I'm sure it's a lot worse now.

He was probably hoping for his fear to be lifted off of him.

I always get queasy on elevators. Guess you should take the stairs, OP!

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I'm sorry OP, but this happens very rarely. I've been stuck on an elevator only once in my entire life, and it was scary. Just know that it is very rare (And especially unlucky for your first time in an elevator!)

Just remember that them getting stuck rarely happens....I'm proud of you for trying to get over a fear it was just really bad timing

Better stuck in an elevator the her first time than something else getting stuck in her the first time

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What are the chances... Geez lol

At least you had the courage to go to a new level. Too bad you got stuck while doing so. Haha

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I watched one where a few are stuck on an elevator and one gets killed each time the light went out. The old lady was the devil, I think. But I still don't mind elevators.

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Alanis Morisette might just call this ironic.

I was thinking Murphy's Law as I was reading this FML.

Ms play it safe was afraid to ride the elevator, thought she'd get stuck inside. She took the stairs every day, until she finally tried And as luck would have it, she got stuck and died.

elevators have a mind of their own sometimes they could be in league with cats for a future take over of the world, don't worry about it op be courageous and keep at it, im sure it won't happen again... unless it does... who knows