By dontgothere - 23/02/2014 04:40 - United States - Egg Harbor Township

Today, I woke up with a strange and itchy feeling in my anus. When I told my boyfriend about it, he started laughing. I still don't know what he did. FML
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Question is, do you really want to know what he did?

Varieus 30

He may have done nothing, and just finds the situation funny like an immature kid?


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Ahahaha, man, that is so funny. Maybe you'll wake up itching all over one day too, since you're an all-around asshole.

arandomusernameaa 20

what did the comment say?

Question is, do you really want to know what he did?

caohm 18

I wouldn't sleep around him any more if you can help it but if does happen again get some wasabi and put it where the sun don't shine. he'll be undone.

47, That sounds like a horrid idea. Totally a lose lose situation.

That's a rhetorical question...

#70: And? Nobody tried answering the question, so what was the point of pointing out the obvious?

If its what we all thinking, he probably had anal sex with you while asleep. which is technically rape

If you sleep so soundly that someone can have anal sex with you and you don't wake up then it's probably time to see a doctor

the fact that you think someone could stay awake through anal sex might mean you need to see a doctor too.. maybe OP just needs to wipe better and the boyfriend was just laughing for the comment she made about her itchy buttocks

EphMi 5

if her bf had anal with her in her sleep, i don't think the correct feeling is itchy!

I think you are right. I laughed when I read it just because of how she said it so that's probably why op's boyfriend laughed

That's what I was thinking. I would think that it would be less itchy and more pain

Depends on the boyfriend's thigny!!

Thingy? What are you, a fourth grader?

lexiale 10

lexiale 10

Haha!!! seriously right?! Personally it's most likely she just needs to take better care of herself...don't blame it on your partner

I laughed a little too hard at this

Varieus 30

He may have done nothing, and just finds the situation funny like an immature kid?

Now when I think of it I would probably have done the same thing as OP's boyfriend lol.

"Immature kid" oh ya, but don't you think it is his "duty" to tell her.

Tell her what? To wipe better?

bobsanction 18

Why is finding an itchy anus funny immature?

scott1092 9

Hopefully it's not what we are thinking.

OP was previously constipated and took a big dookie?

In the butt.

Wow, everyone who voted down #20 clearly has not ventured into the depths of youtube and seen that music vid- or at least heard the song.

Or everybody who downvoted 20 did it because 20 tried to correct a joke that was made about the video..

Hmm... looks to me like they were simply finishing the original comment, not correcting any other comments.

thatkidmal 15

That's creepy

cheshireau 26

He could have put a cream or lotion to make you itch. You would probably know if it was anal sex.

It's less of an itch anyway, more of an oh-god-why if not properly prepared for. Which would be difficult and illegal to do if sleeping :)

Maybe he didn't do anything and thought it was funny? I have a feeling a lot of people might laugh if a friend/significant other told them that their butt itched.

I say it's spider eggs :0

Maybe he hadn't done anything, but just laughed because it's such a strange thing to say, which makes it funny? :) Edit: #4 beat me to it, in a way.

I agree -- He probably just enjoyed hearing you say the word "anus.". Some guys just never grow up. Try some cortisone cream and if it doesn't go away, see your doctor.