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  arandomusernameaa  |  20

what did the comment say?

  caohm  |  18

I wouldn't sleep around him any more if you can help it but if does happen again get some wasabi and put it where the sun don't shine. he'll be undone.


the fact that you think someone could stay awake through anal sex might mean you need to see a doctor too..

maybe OP just needs to wipe better and the boyfriend was just laughing for the comment she made about her itchy buttocks

By  thief1434  |  23

Maybe he didn't do anything and thought it was funny?
I have a feeling a lot of people might laugh if a friend/significant other told them that their butt itched.

  lenehey  |  7

I agree -- He probably just enjoyed hearing you say the word "anus.". Some guys just never grow up. Try some cortisone cream and if it doesn't go away, see your doctor.