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By Anonymous - 19/12/2010 05:24 - United States

Today, my boyfriend called me into the bathroom after he had been in there a while. I found him with his pants down, looking at a pimple on his butt in the mirror. He asked me for, "Help." FML
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I don't understand what the problem is? OP, don't be a bitch and help the poor guy out.


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if you helped you could have made it all sexy and stuff so either way you both win.

I don't see how popping a pimple can be sexy in any way O.o haha

I don't understand what the problem is? OP, don't be a bitch and help the poor guy out.

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wondering why you never have a gf? it's because you're gross

bro how do you know if he hasn't had one? stalking not cool anymore. stalking with wrong facts just ran out of style :/

Actually sarcasm does work in words, you just have to have the mind to interpret it as sarcasm.. obviously OP should have stopped being a selfish bitch :)

You know that was the perfect chance to make sure that never happens again. A very sharp, hot needle...

Boyfriends are nasty these days. Picking noses, popping pimples.. What's next?!

lol these days like boyfriends just started doing it

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#7, are you asking me to skip the foreplay and get straight to business?

If you love him then what's the problem? :/

I agree :/ if you're uncomfortable about anything in serious relationship, you should just go ahead & get over it or get out now.

would you pop a pimple on you boyfriends butt!?

Yes, I would. Relationships aren't all sunshine and flowers. My boyfriend is a decent guy, and if he needs a hand, I'll lend him one.

The problem is that he wanted her to POP an infected pore on his BUTT. I'm married and would NEVER do that for my husband. He respects himself enough to never ask. Then of course neither of us has ever had issues with ass acne.

"would you pop a pimple on you boyfriends butt!?" Yes, I would. Get over yourself. It's no grosser than, say, cleaning up after someone who's thrown up coz they're sick.

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I've done way worse for my man. Things I've never imagined doing. But he would do anything for me so fair is fair.