By hé merde - 23/02/2014 02:27 - France - Paris

Today, I was pushing my wheelchair-bound grandpa back home, when a pretty girl walked past us in the opposite direction. He made me stop and turn him around, just so he could check her ass out as she walked away. FML
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Your grandpa is a badass. Hats off to him!

I hope my grandson will do it without being asked.


Your grandpa is a badass. Hats off to him!

He seems to still be young at heart. For all that he's probably gone through in the many years that he has lived, he deserves a show.

Grandparents arent as innocent as we think they are.

Of course their not! They have had years and year of practice on being badass! ;)

It's rare to see a grandpa, checking out a pretty lady, so bluntly. I'd love to have a grandpa like that!

There should be an old people category on FML

way to go grandpa! !

Old men still need to take a peek.

hey we share birthdays :)

Dirty old man.

then000bster 16

I guess he needs a sponge bath.

Are you offering?

I bet he looks like Master Roshi.

77, or he could ask the nurse from a few FMLs back to clean OP's grandpa's "man meat".

Grandpa's Got Game XD

He even has twenty-four inch rims on his wheelchair which are always spinning.

They see me rolling.. They hatin' ...

If he had game she'd be riding on his wheel chair.

I enjoyed your alliteration there #4. :)

Looks like grandpa isn't too old for anything...

DyslexicPanda 12

Ya know, except walking...

Oh my god 55 that's so fucked up and rude I can't believe you'd say something lik-just kidding it was hilarious and I loved it.

I hope my grandson will do it without being asked.

superxmario91 11

did you hi-five him!?

Aww, that's cute. At least he didn't try to touch/say something pervy to the girl. He has lived his life and learned few things are as precious,sexy, sensual or beautiful as a woman's curves.

Sounds like he's a real

He could have said "your grandma used to look like that"

That could've been what he was thinking and why he was looking, 82. And that's really beautiful to think like that too!

TheDeafWalrus 8

Still a better love story than twilight.

Smartdumbblonde 27

Ha last time I heard that joke I fell off my dinosaur

Hah! Last time I heard THAT joke, I laughed that I missed the Big Bang.

Now those jokes are old

Must of been pretty nice if it demanded more than a passing glance.