By wilks311 - 02/02/2013 14:12 - United States - Southampton

Today, I discovered the true meaning of being scared shitless. My father in a clown costume emerged from my closet. Needless to say something emerged from me. FML
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wilks311 tells us more.

It all started at my five year old birthday party...where I met Bobo the clown...he scared me.

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Scared shitless? Your pants beg to differ...

(Sigh) Cue the shit puns


Get shit on... Pun intended

Where's the pun?

I'm pretty sure it would be more like, "Get shit out."

1, 20, your puns are crap.

CheeseTron 15

That was a shitty pun

# 1 you are not punny.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

That's the first time I've seen anybody made that joke without being thumbed down, 35.

I expect that must have been a very shitty moment.

Ugh, that pun is sooooo overused, to the point that I have daydreams of shoving my hand through my phone to have it emerge and slap the person on the other end.

^ I bet there's an app for that haha :D

SerenaSerenadex3 13

These shitty puns are not punny, guys.

Scared shitless? Your pants beg to differ...

To bad you can't say the same for his butt.

I feel you... clowns freak me out too

Especially ronald mcdonald

Well yeah, 31, because he's a pedophile. Have you not seen his commercials of him with a bunch of little kids?

A pedophile AND a clown? i'll add that to my list of reasons why not to go to mcdonalds.

that and the mcshits you get after eating there

Holy crap, that was mean!

Fathers. Bless them. Constantly striving to keep it real for the next generation.

(Sigh) Cue the shit puns

Aw shit, I hate the shut puns!

Shut puns? I think I heard just about every shit puns there are, but probably some I never heard before. Just hope it wasn't diarrhea OP.. Try to be optimistic about it

dmoran20 27

Never seen anyone that was optimistic about ******** themselves.....

skyeyez9 24

Was he dressed as a freaky scary clown like Pennywise from the movie IT, or more of a happy one?

^ Smiley? As referring to your statement of a happy clown.

After I read IT, all clowns are scary.

He had a big red nose on, red cheeks, and a white face.

Haha IT is my favorite movie!!! Although I must admit, when I was like 6 years old I watched IT before bed on Halloween night and I was a bit freaked out...

IT is an awesome movie, showed it to my lil cousin and now he's scared shitless of storm drains

My grandma loved clowns and used to collect clown memorabilia. The day after she died I went to my best friend's birthday party. We watched IT. I'm probably the only person who has cried* during that movie. *from sadness, not fear

Maybe your dad thought you were constipated and solved the problem for you the best way he could!

wagne057 6

If that scared you then do NOT, I repeat NOT watch the movie IT.

Or, like, read the book. The BOOOOOOOOOOOOK.

Now I know why I am not afraid of clowns, I've never seen any scary clown movies. Come on people clowns are people too! They're just trying to make an honest living by entertaining. The movie industries probably made the clown demands decline. And the fact that some are pedophiles haha

wagne057 6

The movie was scary enough, I can't imagine the book.

I think your old man would call that a success.