By wilks311 - United States - Southampton
Today, I discovered the true meaning of being scared shitless. My father in a clown costume emerged from my closet. Needless to say something emerged from me. FML
wilks311 tells us more :
It all started at my five year old birthday party...where I met Bobo the clown...he scared me.
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  gc327072  |  29

Ugh, that pun is sooooo overused, to the point that I have daydreams of shoving my hand through my phone to have it emerge and slap the person on the other end.

  mb2_native  |  15

Shut puns? I think I heard just about every shit puns there are, but probably some I never heard before. Just hope it wasn't diarrhea OP.. Try to be optimistic about it

  klutz44  |  28

My grandma loved clowns and used to collect clown memorabilia. The day after she died I went to my best friend's birthday party. We watched IT. I'm probably the only person who has cried* during that movie.

*from sadness, not fear

  Bluekaren16  |  19

Now I know why I am not afraid of clowns, I've never seen any scary clown movies. Come on people clowns are people too! They're just trying to make an honest living by entertaining. The movie industries probably made the clown demands decline. And the fact that some are pedophiles haha