By .__. - / Sunday 7 December 2014 08:10 / United Kingdom - Wembley
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  cmchappy  |  24

I thought op would have stopped after finding the whip

  Enslaved  |  36

The whip was there to serve as a warning to let the OP know what will happen if she continues to snoop! The ball gag was there to let mom know what will happen if she tells you your gift early. As far as JKF... Who doesn't love a bit of history?

  RA91  |  26

Lmao!!! I Love the explanation #34!!

  MrConcise  |  34

I'll need some if I keep having to read comments about brain bleach. It's like the FML community can't ride a horse without maiming it with sticks after.

  Enslaved  |  36

As a kid, I secretly used to carefully unwrap and rewrap all my gifts that were kept under the tree before Christmas. Wow was I disappointed! I mainly got shitty gifts. Never felt like I needed to wake up early on that morning.

  DoubleDosexo  |  12

when I was like 4, I found my parents stash of condoms sorta, and I asked them what they were. they said they were for cleaning computer screens. I tried it like a week later, that was disappointing.
BTW, the condoms were like right by the door so any and every one knew they were there.

  TahoeFMler  |  22

If they were alive when it happened, it could just be historically memorable. Like people that say "where were you when you heard Lennon was killed" or "where where you when the towers were hit?"

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