By -_____- - 31/07/2013 21:23 - Netherlands

Today, my boyfriend and I were spooning in bed, nude, when I accidentally farted. He freaked out and asked in all seriousness if I was trying to give his dick pink-eye. FML
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Pink eye from the brown eye?

Did you tell him it's "pink eye", not "pink dick"?


Ummmm.... intreguing

Wizardo 33

This just confirms my suspicions that FML comments are turning into Dolan comics...

This was a pretty funny mistake for someone with a brain for a picture!

It really should be up-voted

Pink eye from the brown eye?

Wonder how you tell? Can't be because it gets swollen and oozes gunk, huh?

Did you tell him it's "pink eye", not "pink dick"?

And the difference between pink and purple is your grip.

I don't think you realize that it's also called the "One-Eyed Snake". Therefore, easily he can get pinkeye there...!

PterodactylMan 23

At least he was careful, pink-eye is dangerous!

And painful on the fourth of July.

And now he just needs an anatomy lesson.

And contagious. Really, he was just thinking of you.

Hey, he was just being careful. Pinkeye is very unpleasant.

Haha. Silly boyfriend. Sorry for his, for lack of a better phrase, re-dick-ulous assumption.

I hope he did get pink-dick.

I favorited this FML because it made me laugh so hard... and then I had to read your fucking comment to make me lose it even more. xD

firstbasemaster 15

Pinkeye is very serious especially dick pinkeye

Mr. 14 and single. How the hell do you know dick pink eye is a serious thing? Have you gotten pink dick before or are you just commenting shit to be disliked?

What's worse is that his username is "firstbasemaster".

Goblin182 26

pink eye dick sounds like a grunge band

Is your boyfriend stupid?

Kinda obvious, ain' it?

Your boyfriend doesnt seem to know what he said?