By megaladon - 28/06/2010 08:12 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were messing around. When he slipped his hand down my pants, he scratched my pubic hair and said "scruffy, scruffy, scruffy." FML
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he was doing yard work

i don't get it.. why do most people want to make love to women that look like girls? i'm a guy and I don't like the look of a shaved snatch at all. its actually less hyegenic than having pubes. keeping it trimmed is fine.


it's pubic* and it's not an fml, i think it's cute xD

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"public" probably was a freudian slip....

hahaha lmao boyfriend win

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haha something I would do. at least he didn't get grossed out. if you are embarressed shave that stuff

In Soviet Russia, pubic hair is ripped off and burned because it is considered a fire hazard...... don't judge me!

I think he's hinting you shave it ;)

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lol @14 :)

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that's nasty, you definatly should shave :-/

well... no one prefers hairy to shaved :s so why not just do it? I did it (male) and have only gotten positive results (hair removal cream > shaving, no itching)

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Ewwww, I don't like hairy pussy, cats too ;) jk, but definitely shave that! More comfort.

i read this thinking it said " today, my daugher..." not her boyfreind... also OP you need to shave if you have pubic and public hair. (public hair is hair your only sopposed to have on your head, not by your vag)

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hahaha shave down there!! no guy likes pubes..

I also think he is hinting.

it's cute! so what if you got a lol extra scruff? it's no big deal. only time it should be mandatory is if your wearing a revealing bikini or if you plan to have your boyfriend have a buffet style dessert if ya catch my drift.

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how is this an fml, it's your overly-dramatic fault that u don't shave, go shav your bush woman.

ew you so diserve that . stop being lazy and shave !

shave your vag

uuhhh ewwwww... shave?

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You deserve it for having pubic hair.

I agree with #26 because she is hot

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definately shave, it's always nice for the guy when you're smoothe down there!

#10 should show me what his tattoo loos like while facing the camera ;)

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#14=win, lol

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i love your picture 34 :D **** in my pants FTW! :)

big deal. not the end of the world.

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lol, shave that beast off!

34- I LOVE your picture!! haha OP- hint hint :)

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I've always liked Scruffy...... The Janitor.

I'm pretty sure her ****** wasn't out in the ******* open. Yeah, there's a difference in ur "pubic" hair and "public" hair... but that sincerely had nothing to do with it. You were born with body hair and it's a choice to shave it, so yeah, it does belong there.

I'm pretty sure her ****** wasn't out in the ******* open. Yeah, there's a difference in ur "pubic" hair and "public" hair... but that sincerely had nothing to do with it. You were born with body hair and it's a choice to shave it, so yeah, it does belong there.

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I keep mine at about 1/2 inch which is ok for a guy

# 133 your comment reminds me of health class when we were learning about STD's and the teacher had us go around the room reading off the answers to each question and to one the answer was "pubic lice" but the person who's hw it was spelled that wrong somehow writing "public lice". Our teacher said it would be a MUCH larger problem if it was public as opposed to pubic.

hahahah 123 that's exactly who I thought of when I read it. yay futurama.

There is no one to blame for this but yourself, take care of your body and stop writing FMLs like this.

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Take the hint. Hair traps sweat and harbors bacteria. Have a little hygeine.

pics or it didn't happen

actually, having no hair there is more hygenic cause it's easier to wash. something tells me you don't shave.

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159, your logic is severely flawed. The difference between scalp and pubic hair is the environmental conditions. Unless you're sporting a do rag, your head is exposed to the open air. Your pubic area, however, is trapped by fabric, dark, and moist. It's a breeding ground for bacteria. Adding to the fact that longer hair allows for more surface area for microbial growth and impedes full cleansing, you've got a recipe for funk. Trust me on this one; I've got a microbiology degree, and it's not just for show. If you're skeptical, research it yourself.

Uh-oh, pendatik -- here we go again.

ewwww no guy likes hairy ******* shave it

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There's bacteria all over your body, all the time. It's really not unhygienic to have body hair, but special attention needs to be administered ie., shampoo, soap... That whole "I have a microbiology degree" thing was a bit pompous...

AquaSky 1

It wasn't my intent to brag (hell, I certainly don't get paid enough to have bragging rights); what I meant to convey is that I do have a background in the subject.

is your middle name chubacca

Come on now it's 2010, ya need to shave that shit

I learned in freshman health this year that pubic hair's purpose is to capture personal odor (pheromones?) as well as create a sanitary trap for bacteria that could otherwise cross the genital regions. Apparently not shaving is no less sanitary than shaving. In fact, with shaving you run more of a risk with razor bumps, ingrown hairs, etc. And you lose the shield against bacteria, so possibly infections are more common. Mind you this is pubic/ public (:D) education, but what high schoolers are learning all the same.

AquaSky 1

192, I'm not saying body hair is unnatural. It was important in the evolutionary process. However, thick pubic hair is no longer necessary the way it was before humans wore clothing. We have other means of protecting our reproductive organs from the elements now. Like pants.

#14 you are ******** and, what you are saying is bs!!! soviet Russia has better jokes, try those for a change!

97 I don't know what you're doing to make shaving your vag hurt. Use conditioner or shaving lotion instead of shaving cream to make the razor glide better. I've been shaving for a long time, and the only time it hurts is if I nick myself (very rare) which can be avoided by using a sharper razor. Also make shaving the last thing you do in the shower - the heat makes your pores open and the hair easier to remove.

buy a hover mower lol

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@Aquasky Are you sure you have a degree in microbiology? Because pubic hairs keeps out bacteria, dirt, dust, etc. However, pants do not! Neither does underwear. All of these still have tiny holes and air gaps around your openings where anything can enter. In fact, your hair is more so a breeding ground for bacteria than your pubic hair, as for pubic hair, everyone washes it daily (You do too right?) However, for long hair, some people don't wash it everyday because its troublesome and excessive washing leads to faster hair lost. However, on the topic, keep it neat and tidy down there. And make sure nothing is showing when wearing a revealing bikini. If It's not possible, then just for that day, shave everything off.

Kimberly_Isabel 7

Just to add, all hair on our body helps to trap dirt, dust and bacteria. This includes facial hair too. I'm not sure about hair growing from our scalp and armpits but I believe it doesn't. However, shaving these hairs are for purely cosmetic reasons. But might I add, any girl without a proper clean shaven armpit looks gross unless for reasons whatsoever.

I agree with Pend. It also seems like the high school freshman is better informed than Mr. Microbiology Degree person.

can we get a mod to remove #141?

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number 34's picture shows my blatant reaction.

ew, pubic hair on your head? you do know what you wrote right?

is your name fernand ivao or something close to that

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someone bout to get bangin

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to #215 Thing is, some people have delicate skin. If I'm not careful I get razor burn on my legs, even when I'm going everything right. I have to trim my eyebrows with scissors instead of plucking because every hair I pluck leaves a raised, bloody bump. I tried shaving down there once and there is no way in hell I'm doing that again. Trimming keeps everything neat, clean, and comfortable for everyone involved.

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i love your tattoo

haha wow 165, if you really were a microbiology major you would know that warm moist places aren't the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, but instead for fungus.

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"(and girls dont even begin to bitch about guys hair here, theres no comparison, if you had any intelligence youd see that)" I know RITE!!!!1 HE'S SOO MANLY WIF HIS HAIRR BUT GIRLY HAIR IS EWW GROCEY!1 ಠ_ಠ

take care of your body???? it's natural to grow hair down there lol

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No one wants to take a stroll through an enchanted forest just to **** their gf. Shave the beaver!

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41 no one does the peace sign anymore,just sayin...

actually the hair keeps the bacteria out of your ******.

@281 pendatik, I have a question for you based on your logic If washing on a regular base is the key for good hygiene and ones personal health, (if that wasn’t obvious to people already). Then would you agree or disagree that trimming/shaving only furthers the act or washing? If there’s less hair to deal with, the washing process would be more substantial on a regular base. Thereby providing better hygiene and improving ones health because they can wash better with less hair. I’m curious too hear your opinion, and no I don’t shave I trim.

269 I'm not an idiot but it's true for fungus. bacteria can breed and grow under many conditions and survive a well. for example salmonella. so don't say it's perfect and confine the criteria to one area when theres more. so don't tell me I'm an idiot :p have a nice day!

YDI, go shave girl.

@288 You’re right; there isn’t a difference if a person is washing thoroughly, but the point I’m trying to get across is, whether or not it’s more likely. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, everybody finds less hair much easier to maintain than long hair. Of course not all short hair people are cleaner than long hair people, but if you have nothing else to go by; then it’s worth considering. At least if he or she is trimmed/shave you can safely assume that, A) if they take the time to trim/shave when they DON’T HAVE TOO, then it’s likely they also take that extra time to wash thoroughly and properly, and B) since they have less hair, it should have been easier for said person to keep clean and maintain a good hygiene (At least down in that region). So too me a person who uses both methods, trimming and washing, is more likely to be cleaner then a person who is just using one. For anyone; if its your time with this partner and you're skeptical, trim/shave is always a good sign.

* if it's your first time with this partner *


#143 it's just as gross when a guy doesn't shave. this fml is so funny though! i would have just laughed, it's not so much an fml, you just have a funny bf

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eewwww shave.!

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I love you.

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i agree! Laser hair removal ftw!!!

my doctor told me that if i wanted to stop getting infections down there, i just just let my hair grow. the hair doesn't prevent infections- there's still bacteria down there- but it gives the bacteria a place to grow that doesn't harm the inside of your body. just be sure to WASH, and you'll be fine...

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Women should shave down there!

'like pants' LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

No shit sherlock..

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TEveryone is saying she should shave but how do you know she doesn't? You can't shave everyday maybe it was just alittle grown out. Idk it's not really an fml anyway it's not like he got grossed out.

Some do!?

I love a hairy pussy. The more hair the better!

he was doing yard work

ydi for not shaving


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time to trim the bush!!!!

U made me spray water everywhere with that comment!

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148 is really hot ;)

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Um if ur talking about OP she did say pubic u should learn to read before u criticise anyone else.

It says pubic hair....learn to read....

It may have said public and then staff saw this comment. They do correct pointed out mistakes.

as long as it's not mega bush op... you are good:)

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I'll agree with that. Brazilian is fine. I have a short memory and need something stuck int teeth to remember

oh well.. at least he didnt mean it as an insult.. hopefully

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yeah if he's just kidding around with you then this isn't an fml

IMO, YDI. Pubic hair needs to be shaved/waxed for many reasons, some of those reasons being hygienic. As a woman, you need to take care of yourself better. I don't see how your boyfriend wouldn't grossed out.

Having Punic hair is actually more hygienic than not having it because it protects against infections and stuff.. Look it up.

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if he pulls his hand out, sniffs his fingers, and says 'stinky, stinky, stinky, then your in trouble.

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Like the hefty trash bag commercial hahahaha

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lol he is doing some yard work :)

hahahahaha I would have laughed so hard!