By Angel1000168 - Australia
  Today, my boyfriend proposed to me. I would be ecstatic if he hadn't stuck the ring on his balls and asked for a blow-job. He even confessed that the original plan was to stick it on his penis but it was too small. FML
Angel1000168 tells us more :
Ok, guys, OP here. In answer to all the questions/statements about which was smaller, it was the ring. Sorry for not making that clear. And he didn't stink the ring around his balls, he sticky-taped it. My fingers are not that big. Sorry about not making that clear either but the limited words made that tricky. I said no, of course, as I don't want a man that thinks I have that sort of mind or personality. I have gone through every aspect of my relationship with that man and haven't found anything that suggested that I wanted to be proposed to in that manner. Thanks for all your advice!
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  FailBear920  |  19

I could see awqardness telling people how he proposed.
“So how did he propose girl!"
“Well i came in the room and there was a ring in his ummm welll is ball sack."
".........Thats nice i suppose."
I see it went down like that

  SunshineBoy21  |  0

So wait, his dick was so small that an engagement ring kept sliding off??? Holy crap, that gives new meaning to the phrase - pencil dick.

ps. You better snatch him up! Every girl deserves a guy with that kind of style, panache and class. He's a real winner.

  dahatta  |  0

ok from reading this. he was able to get it around his balls, and in most cases the balls have more mass than a penis since there are 2 of them. so from that it's my understanding that OP's boyfriend was talking about his penis not the ring. however I could be wrong.

  chester75  |  5

that doesn't matter, if they do get married how is OP supposed to tell her family and friends about how he proposed. think about the conversation she will have with her kids.

  caaklove  |  0

I would have said yes lol that's funny. you gotta be able to laugh together, otherwise you will stay bored. my boyfriend proposed last night :) but his way was more romantic and spontaneous :) Congrats! and u don't have to tell anyone exactly how he proposed...just say you were spending time together and he pulled the ring out, out of nowhere :)

  Jizwold  |  0

I'm an activist for equal rights for men and women so in whatever scenario I would punch the consciousness out of a man I will also hit a woman (men and women aren't equal so I don't actually do this)

also what matters about the op and her boyfriend/fiancé is that he loves her enough to want to spend his life with her. Some dipshit women think that what matters is HOW someone proposes or what retarded feat they preform on valentines day when what really matters is that they love and care for their wife/girlfriend.

  DavLynn  |  4

even though you should be able to laugh together I don't think he should have done that... there's times to be serious too, and i think these should be one of those times

  Lustuu_fml  |  14

Lmao 183
And yes, this is not funny, this is stupid and kind of rude, almost humiliating for OP. I agree for the stupid clichés of proposing, but like that.. it's stupid --'
OP's a woman not a whore, damn it

  zipstick  |  2

It doesn't matter how he proposed its how much you love that person and wanting to spend every hour of the rest of your life with that person.