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Today, I purposely wore a red shirt to Target just so people would talk to me. FML
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That's when you know you really have to hit up some bars...

Maybelline008 10


That's when you know you really have to hit up some bars...

23, 1 was just offering an idea for OP to go to a public place where people are happy to socialize.

Oh. I thought he meant drugs or something.

Buy yourself a blue vest.. there are much more interesting people at wal-mart.

Yeah, or find a job at a restaurant. There's lots of people you don't want to talk to there! .. Wait, what?

Thank you Shannon and yes that is correct. Im still drunk from last night sorry if I worded it wrong

lucy_lue 9

1: Some of us don't actually like bars. I personally don't want to make friends with someone while they're drunk. OP should join a group or volunteer somewhere.

Donat96 20

At least OP was smart enough not to wear a red shirt on the USS Enterprise.

Nah, 1, phrased it correctly you have.

Maybelline008 10

Baby steps OP, soon you'll be working as a caddy for golfers. Eventually you might be able to have friend! Good luck.

Redoxx_fml 22

Join the Night's Watch you'll meet plenty of friends on the wall

38 - "I am the sword that guards the realm of men."

Redoxx_fml 22

You'll have red head bitches on you in no time, you might even fight a wildling or two

nofearjenshere 12
afunnyterdcody 5

Why would thy talk to you because you were wearing a red shirt? Someone pleasee explain it to me.

hahafylop 4

Game of thrones references are always good. Sunday night here we come

"Where an I find the memory cards for My camera?" "I don't know." "Who does?" "I don't know." "Where is your manager?" "I am the manager! Mwuhahahaha." "I am leaving."

#3's thought process: "OMG, I should make a funny comment!LOLZ" *After painstakingly typing up a 'funny' comment* "This is soooooo gonna get me thumbs up XD!!1!!" * Immediate thumbs down by the 99% of FMLs member base*

Was that how your thought proccess went 45 while writing that?

melonrind 8

That's sad!!.... Did it work?!

WHY? Why all the periods and question marks and... Ugh! One is enough!

Fluttershy isn't mean, therefore you bring her shame. HOW COULD YOU, YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD.

kickuwithmyfist 1

53: She's not being mean, she's being assertive. Thanks, Iron Will!

Sorry guys... I just get five texts a day saying "Hi!!!!!!!!!! How are you???????" It just gets so annoying! And I also have a bad day :/ Sorry! I tend to over react sometimes...

benikki 0

Why the **** do pepole get so mad with the way other people type...! If yu dont like it, dont read it!!! If yu wanna read it. Then deal with it!!!!!!

117- Yeah, good advice! I'll just predict what the comment/text I'm about to read is going to say and if it says something I don't want to read, I won't! Yeah, makes perfect sense... If you're psychic.

p3mguin 7

I know you had a bad day and stuff, but there is only one question mark, got to point that out

What!!!!! One!!!! Exclamation!!! Point!!! Is!!!! Never!!!!!! Enough!!!!!!!!!!!

kickuwithmyfist 1

LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cyK0tek 0

One does not simply.......not read a text!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop yelling! *goes in corner and cries*

gurly98 13

OP why on earth would you want to attract the attention of people you do not know?

He most probably wants to socialize :)

Yup. Believe it or not, but at some point all your friends were strangers. I know, it's very shocking!

Incredibly_Dope 0

OP do you own 3 or more cats?

That's not how you get people to talk to you. You get people to talk to you by chloroforming them, taking them back home and having them wake up bound to a chair, with a razor, cigarettes, a fire poker and a few knives lying a few feet away, at your feet. Oh, and did I mention the evil sadistic smile?

I think that would invoke screaming not talking.

Have you never heard "please stop, I'll talk, I swear I'll talk, just stop it, please" before? *sigh* Younglings these days, can't even handle a guest properly...

25 - I... Don't even know what to say... What is happening to our people? Doc, Perdix, Noor, even A_teen, hell, even Sirin or Alan, someone tell me what the hell went wrong!

hotPinklipstick 24

30- I think what happened was you got burned. It's ok though, it happens to the best of us. You can go crawl back in your hole now and we will think about forgiving you.

It's called a joke, 33. Did you actually think I would go around patronising people and calling them younglings?

hotPinklipstick 24

Wow someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I was being sarcastic. So please remove the stick from your ass and put as smile on. :)

notsorandomguy - What went wrong is that you called an adult woman a "youngling". You must either have enormous balls or no clue. I have a feeling it's the former, but I can't be sure.

Both and neither, Doc. Does not acting like everyone else necessarily clueless or needs me to have huge balls? Certainly, both are necessary, but, at the same time, neither are necessary since, in the end, other people's opinions are theirs and not mine. That said, I'm not even sure myself of what I just typed but well, both and neither.

Is this a reference to a really old FML? If so, I applaud you. If not, still a good joke

delissaj 0

That's how you get people to not like you.

curlyfry33 8

^lolz someone has been creepin

Last time I checked, shirt color doesn't made anyone want to talk to you. Try being outgoing and friendly! Must people like that.

Ah, I see now. Sorry, I'm derpin' today. And you're back! You haven't posted in a while.

The point of OP's shirt color was the color of the uniform most target employees wear. So, yes in this case the color of the shirt did matter. OP you should have went to walmart, people would have really talked to you since every time you try to ask an employee a question they turn away and act like you're not there.

13- We established that already. Thanks anyway. And... *Should have gone

Besides, in Walmart there is the chance of being knocked over by a large lady for the bacon sale, whether you be customer, employee or imposter.

19- do you really want to be grammar Nazi? Keep in mind your original post. My apologies for my post dear sir....

goddamniluvme 0

doesn't make* Most people* Since, you know, you love correct grammar on every comment but your own.

168-I love you! Haha according to his profile he likes to people in their "place" yet gets so defensive if you put him in his.

"Hi? I'm looking for the My Little Pony toys..." :p

"We're all out. The creepy little girl over there just bought them all." Me: mwahaha! And then the bronies attacked me. THE END.

/gathers ponies into a large pile and hisses~ my little precioussssssss MINE

Oh hell no! Don't make me pull out the party cannon!

It'd be pretty awkward if you got caught by an actual worker, who'd probably assume you're some creeper. Did you manage to help some unsuspecting customers anyway?