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  12em12  |  1

I agree with reptar cats are stealthy, have sharp claws and teeth and can hurt a guy. Just because SOME dogs can protect you doesn't mean you need to go hating cats.

  vergaso  |  0

to the person who said cats are *stealthy*
stop playing WoW
in regard to sharp claws teeth ect so what?
they have them sure but they don't use them to protect you
in reality cats aren't nearly as loyal and loving as most dogs

  skyeyez9  |  24

Burglars have guns and will just shoot your dog. Or toss the dog a one pound ball of ground beef with a wad of peanut butter in the center to keep the dog occupied while he robs you. Most dog's stomachs will betray their master.

  scrapmetal58  |  9

My cat is awesome. He's smart and loves me. I taught him to sit, shake paws, and lay down. He plays fetch too. He talks a lot and mimics what I saw sometimes. A cat's brain structure is extremely close to that of a human's (but smaller obviously). A cat is capable of far more unique vocalisations than a dog and adapts them to the situation. Domesticated cats meow because humans are vocal beings so they learned to communicate with us. Everyday I come home my cat comes and says "hi". Educate yourself.

  xcowboys  |  0

if you get an animal for protection, you are a pussy. the waiting period to buy a firearm is 72 hours, im sure you wont get robbed in that time period.

  allenye818  |  2

Dog people are so fucking snobby... When's the last time a cat shit all over the house, chewed up your stuff, barked all night so you couldn't sleep & stank up your house with rank ass dog smell??

  ahgfd2  |  0

dude people love cats because they are good and caring animals just because cartoons say is all cats do is scratch people it's naive to base this on all cats you stereotyping turd.

  dre_bro11  |  12

87, or those animals which are stronger in their environment. They don't have to be dumb to be the pick in natural selection. It can be as simple as one insect blending into it's surroundings and another contrasting it.

  Mipz  |  2

I agree. Cats aren't killing machines. Many of them know the difference between prey and a pet.

22, how the hell did OP deserve it?


OP deserved it because he/she probably let the cat out at the same time as the hamster- and this is 100% preventable. Also, the cat probably can't just open the cage and take the hamster out by itself. Thus OP deserved it.

  duckman9  |  54

probably the cat got the mouse with its paws&claws, and a few teeth might have been involved in the action as well.. but that's just a guess.