By whymommywhy - 21/04/2009 03:11 - United States

Today, my hamster gave birth. The babies were very cute and I couldn't resist petting one. Apparently touching a baby hamster will cause it's mother to reject and devour it. I am now know in my family as "The Hamster Slaughterer." FML
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Today I was born, and this strange creature towered over my mother and my siblings, and touched one of my siblings. Later my mother decided to eat the sibling that the creature touched. Now I am terrified of being petted. FML

I'm sorry to hear that. I honestly didn't know that fact either. I don't blame you because you didn't know and therefore didn't purposely do it.


you seriously didn't know that?

i did the same thing...

you people need to chill.

u sir are not that bright

hamsters breed like rats so it's not that bad!!! we had to sell my bros cause they kept reproducing

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if u touch a hamster's offspring u leave ur scent on it, causing the mother to not recognize it. same thing with rabbits. I found wild ones in my backyard and picked them up and scared away the mother. it's because predators usually climb into their burrows and wait for the mother to come back then devour her. but ya fyl .3.

you csnt spell slaughter without laughter

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225 I love you

How the hell could you know that?

the people saying the op is stupid are actually extremly stupid, how is that common knowledge??

it seemed like general knowledge to me with the amount of times I was told it.

That poor baby hamster...

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I wonder if a hampster touches a newborn human baby. Will the mom eat it?

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209 you have a fucked up mind

i laughed a lot when i read what you were saying

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Yes let's be a fuckin dick about everything!:D Dear mister/misses YLS, I bet your penis is very small or that your vagina has the texture of khaki pants.

F its Life, maybe.

wat life? hahahahaha

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Ew is all I have to say.

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Today, i had just been born. All of the sudden a giant finger thats larger than me came down to touch me. this upset my mother, and she ate me. Now I'm dead. FML

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well, wait for another batch. it'll arrive in a week.

fail. today, my mum ate me. fml.

more like my owner pet me and mommy ate me.FML

u just ruined it ty

It's self-inflicted, but I don't think anybody deserves to be inadvertently responsible for something suffering such a horrible death...