By AvengedSevenX - 03/02/2012 15:49 - United Kingdom

Today, I came home from work and went into the bathroom. I saw a poo on the toilet lid, and thinking it was a trick toy that my son had got to trick me, I picked it up. It wasn't a toy. FML
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haha if it looks like poo, smells like poo, is warm like poo, it's probably poo


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Shit does happen, especially near a toilet. If it was on the tv or the counter I can see assuming it was a toy, or if your kid is a teen. But no matter where the shit was I'd use a bag.

Theres a certain beetle out there that will help clean up the dung……....….… dung beetle ftw

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There's a very distinct difference between human shit and toy shit. Just gotta figure out what it is, that's all.

haha if it looks like poo, smells like poo, is warm like poo, it's probably poo

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Or she could stop feeding her son plastic.

You should pay more attention OP... Like the afore comment said.

Doesnt the first sentance pretty much clarifys that it is, in fact, poo?

Even though the second sentence does mention poop this comment make sense if it looks like smells like it( pretty funny they didn't notice the smell) and feels warm ( poo is normally around your average body temperature so it would feel warm if you placed your hands close to it ( if anyone goes home and tries to debunk this YDI. Hope someone walks in on you trying to touch your own poo)

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38, sentance? Clarifys? What?

The second sentence of the FML. Come on keep up with the game my friend.

on the bright side, you didn't get scared by a cat and sit on the poop. *squish*

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Actually, I'd rather it be on my ass than on my hands. But I guess that's just me.

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I'd rather not even have to go through the hassle of pooing. With the dropping of the pant and the waiting.. Oh the waiting! And then there's the cleanup..

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Oh, but it was a trick. Think about it.

You should put it on his pillow, see who got the last laugh.

The son would still, the mother would end up needing to wash it.

now this may be cruel and unusual punishment OP but i think you should slap him upside the head with your poo-covered hand..

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OP: *squish* "Sweet Mary, mother of Jesus! Why did I pick it up?! I can't believe this shit!" *sniffs hand and gags*

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You know one word isn't much of a reply, and you know one word isn't even one word at all, it's two words, and two words is two words, but three words is still just two words. what the hell is going on?! aaaahhhhh! *has a nervous breakdown*

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Damn eight balls, just answer my freaking question!

don'tworry #12. I thought your comments were pretty amusing c:

Most of your comments get thumbs down. ( I DON'T STALK U I JUST READ LOTTA COMMENTS!)

How about you don't put actions with your sentences, and just comment. *Slaps GoW_Chick with a slice of pizza*

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