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Today, my hamster had babies. I came home just in time to witness her kick the mutilated bodies of her two babies out of her house, then crawl back in and go to sleep. Now my sister refuses to touch her and calls her a "baby-eating demon." FML
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Hamesters have been known to eat their babies, it's sad but normal.

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At least she didn't eat the babies like some hamsters do.

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Whoops my mistake, no need get so angry. Though it was a stupid mistake, I wouldn't go so far as to question my ability to read. Besides, that awful attempt at a joke is over used.

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How is she being angry? She's just stating what the OP clearly has said.

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23, though it was nice that 8 was correcting 1, it was still a bit unnecessary to ask "do you know how to read?" That was pretty demeaning for someone who unintentionally made a mistake.

I'm sorry to inform you #25 but this is the internet. There is no remorse, no forgiveness and no empathy here. Only ****, social media, pictures of cats + grammer Nazis (misspelling intentional).

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Though saying "do you know how to read" IS rude, doesn't mean that they're angry. And it is in a way true, they commented (maybe trying to be the first comment) without either reading the whole FML or not comprehending the FML and making a comment that is clearly already mentioned. They could've said it in a different way though.

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Ugh calm down, I have already admitted to my silly mistake. It wasn't because of the eagerness to get the first comment, why is that so significant anyway? It was an unintentional misinterpation. Now let us all put this petty issue behind us and celebrate with some arms and cats.

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I didn't catch that either lol read it thru too fast... The baby eating part I mean....

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I think people on this site just thumb you down because of your other dumbass comments. That's pretty sad, they must have a grudge against you haha. I'll thumb you up though. This comment wasn't bad, in my opinion at least.

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I agree once you build a rep be it good or bad it sticks. Either change the way you word your harsh comment style or the community will thumb your ass down... wait that came out wrong - see what I mean :/

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And I only made this account yesterday =) .

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Yeah I'm just giving some advice, things didn't go smooth for me either in the beginning. But keep at it though and in the end remember, don't give a flying monkey turd.

Hamesters have been known to eat their babies, it's sad but normal.

If it's as common as people in this comment section claim, I wonder how the hamster species has survived natural selection. Human intervention? I mean, were hamsters at one point wild animals and later domesticated by humans? Did they eat their young as wild animals, or is it a trait that developed since domestication, like dogs with floppy ears. I'm not arguing, I'm just genuinely curious because while I Know that animals do sometimes eat their young, I've never heard of a species that would do it as commonly as people seem to be claiming here.

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For hamsters. It's normal for hamsters. We don't want anyone to get confused about this one...

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Hamsters only eat their young when they sense danger around them that might hurt their young, frail, defenseless babies. They decide that (for some reason) eating the babies will be better than having them potentially killed by an outside predator. It doesn't occur often enough that the hamster population would dwindle away in the wild. Also hamsters are not the only animal to do this.

So it's sort of like post-partum psychosis?

I thought it was a hormone imbalance that made them eat their babies. I know that's how it is with dogs and cats at least. Mommy doesn't get enough estrogen (I might be wrong on that hormone, but I think that's what it is) and suddenly she goes cannibalistic on her babies!

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Some fish do it as well. My black betas had 25-ish babies. Before we could get a separate tank, they had eaten about half of them. Cats too, though I'm not sure about their own. My friend's cat had babies, and the male in the house (not the father) tried eating the kittens every chance he got.

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#68: He tried to eat the kittens because the female won't mate with him if they're alive.

My hamster didn't eat her babies, she just stopped feeding them, I tried my best to keep them alive, but all four of them died one by one, I felt so bad!!

@68 - #76 is right. Momma cat will go into a second heat if she loses her kittens, and that gives him a chance to spread his own genes instead of other cat's.

#43 they also eat them so that if there are predators around that could harm the young, she could get the nutrients back from the babies and not let it go to waste...

68: what they're saying about the mother going back into heat is true; the same goes for wild cats such as lions.

Hamsters and other types of animals, specifically rodents, eat their babies if they sense anything predatorial around or if they can't support the babies. For example, if the mother cannot produce enough milk. Then, they eat the babies TI take back the nutrients and energy instead of wasting it. Babies take a LOT, so it's stupid to waste. Trust me, my first "job" was being a volunteer at a veterinary clinic.

How did you not know that hamsters eat their young? If you have a pregnant pet, you should do the research.

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My friend bought me a hamster for Xmas and we didn't know it was pregnant thought it was a male actually, and she had babies and ate all but the heads... Was super gross if I had known I would of saved them.

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Your hamster is on a whole new level of pro choice

Really? How does this shit comment NOT have more down votes?! To respond: better than the hamster not eating the babies but instead letting them starve to death once they get out of the baby stage. Ugh. Asshole.

Step 1: Remove pole from ass. Step 2: Appreciate that 5 was able to make something funny out of a touchy subject.

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I found 5's comment somewhat humorous, but your comment, 49, was completely ******* ignorant. I see absolutely no reason to down vote number 5. You seem stuck on yourself, bitch. Ain't so fun now, huh?

49, if they wanted down votes, clearly you're the right one to teach them.

CaiDog 20

49, I wonder the same thing. But about yours.

What's your problem? Someone knocked your pro life picket sign out of your stupid hand? Get over yourself. #5's comment was awesome!

Baby eating demon animals... it's spreading.

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No, not really. Animals have been doing that since animals have been around.

Ok #27.. I think you need to be introduced to something called humor. Not everyone on this site is always serious.

hcollins1 18

I am running on a few hours of sleep the past few days and haven't taken my humor pill. Haha

hcollins1 18

I admit, I also suck at trying to make good funny jokes. I am one of those that make a joke and its not that funny. :/

I wouldn't want to be a hamster.. F the hamsters life..

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Why? The hamster is happy, the hamsters kids on the other hand....

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Ya know, hamsters aren't the only animals that eat their newborns.

28- That's true, however this FML is about hamsters eating their young, so other animals aren't really relevant.

I mean humans eat their young. it's basically the same thing.'s rare, and not acceptable. Okay maybe not the same.

Oh my god this is horrible! But I can't stop laughing!

16 - She's from Texas and a farm girl. They're rough down there.