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Today, my neighbor scolded me for "allowing" her son to be bitten by one of my dogs. This would be reasonable, except for the fact that her kid had jumped my fence and tried to steal a rattle out of my daughter's hands. FML
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I'm pretty sure they forget it in their sock drawer.

Common sense is rare nowadays, it should be classified as a superpower.

This happened to my friend who lived opposite us. The kid next door who was about 11 removed a vertical fence panel and snuck into their garden and started sneaking her 6 year old brothers toys back through before being caught by her brother. Bully #1 then pushed him over and wrestled the soccer ball out of his hands. At which point their puppy ran over and stood between the two barking at the neighbour kid, when that kid then tried to pick up the soccer ball again and bugger off with it the dog bit his wrist, but didn't break skin. Next thing we see the kids mom go screaming round to their front door with the police in tow saying that the puppy got into THEIR yard through the fence and bit her kid unprovoked. Unfortunately for Bully #2 it became clear that the dog couldn't have put the fence panel in her sons tree house, along with all my friends brothers toys, and the dog didn't put the handprint bruise round his arm when her charming son took the ball off him. The police basically said they thought the puppy was more likely to tell them the truth than her son and told her to give all the stuff back or she'd be arrested. I think it helped to convince them that the dog couldn't really sneak into anyones garden when they went into my friends house to see the dog and watched him repeatedly try to walk through their closed patio door.

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^^ I had a hard time following that story with all the "he, him, them"

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I even wonder why they call it common when it's not "common". The English dictionary needs a reformation.

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98, probably because it used to be and is still supposed to be common.

What you haven't heard? It's called uncommon sense now.

I'm pretty it is, especially when he tried to steal from someone whom the dog protects with their life. I'm glad no one tried that at my home.. I have a King Shepherd and he's huge, paws the size of my hand since he was a pup.. Can be stinky because of his long fur tho, hard to bathe a dog like that haha

Aren't they required to have a beware of dog sign though? not sure how it works where they live, was just always advised to have one with my dogs.

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#48 how do you know they didn't? The little brat clearly doesn't care about things like fences or stealing. So why would a sign make him stop.

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no, a sign won't make him stop. they do, however, protect the homeowner from any sort of liability.

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didn't a burglar sue because he got bit by the homeowner's dog, and win?

Actually depending where you live, a beware of dog sign could make you more liable. It proves you know your dog could be viscous.

#48 considering the kid jumped the fence, do you think having a beware of dog sign would have been useful? those type of signs are generally put up at the front of the house or on the front fence/gate.

I just meant for the legality/liability purpose. No way the kid would actually care.

Unfortunately a guy I know had to have his dog put down after a teenager hopped his fence and the dog bit his ankle. It was sad because the dog was the biggest sweetheart except for this one incident, in which the dog was doing exactly what it should have! Scare off the intruder without being excessively aggressive. The kid even admitted to not leaving when the dog started barking at him. :(

sadly yes there was also a successful suit against a home owner when a burglar fell though a roof and landed on a kitchen knife. This is what happens when we stop voting for statesman and patriots. and start voting for people because they have an R or a D at the end of their name.

Unfortunately that's not the way the law always sees it. My ex husband, when he still lived with his parents, was asleep on his moms couch. Next thing he knew, someone was banging on the door. (This was the middle of the night) He cracked the door to see his drunk uncle (who is 3 times his size) and his girlfriend (who wasn't exactly a petite woman). His uncle tried to force his way in with the intent of robbing his house and knocked him backwards with the door. My ex then shoved him outside as hard as he could, and in the meantime, his boxer ran outside too. His uncle then punched him and knocked him out, while he was unconscious, his uncles girlfriend jumped on top of him and began beating him. The dog then attacked her, biting her on the ass and drawing blood. Neither his uncle nor his girlfriend got in any trouble...because my ex did not want to press charges (he should have!) but the girlfriend went and told authorities about the dog bite. The dog was then quarantined for a period and placed on doggie house arrest. (Could not leave the house with out a leash even in their own yard) and my exs parents were fined. Poor dog was only protecting his family ):

If i put up a beware of dog sign, it would resolve the need to have a dog in the first place :o. Some might rather punishment over deterrence.

in the UK, it's not legal :/ we have an akita x Rottweiler, and he barks when people loiter at our gate, and though he's.never shown aggression, I wouldn't put it past him if someone unwanted came.into in the UK though any reported dog bite is investigated individually, regardless of situation or breed and the dog is assessed for behaviour. in regards to having a sign, in the UK it makes no odds: doesn't protect you, nor does it make you liable.

That woman is stupid. Your dog was defending his family member.

Unfortunately we can't always avoid stupidity.

I would enjoy seeing this kid getting smacked

I'd enjoy seeing the woman who did the scolding get smacked too!

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Face fives for everybody!!!!

I wish parents would discipline their kids! And yes, I think spanking is appropriate (when used correctly) and unfortunately most kids need it as they don't respond to time outs. It blows my mind that parents think they don't have to discipline their kids and they won't turn out to be monsters!

Common sense is a rare thing nowadays.

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I'm sorry, I didn't know a good protective dog isn't allowed to do anything when an unknown being crosses into "his" territory while ALSO trying to take a little kids toy....stupid people, I swear.

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haha I actually don't have anything to say about this Ms Rae. I completely agree.

Must avoid to correct... Have to hold in... the Grammat Nazi in me... *Your Damn I lost again! -.-

At least he was *trying* to be correct! Though he failed miserably.

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Why is their a Nazi in you? Why is his name Grammat? Why are you holding him in?

The little shit deserved to be bitten. You don't owe her an apology, OP.

I say he got lucky my mom always says to put sticks of dynamite with a padlock in little ***** mail boxes...

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he was being an asshole for sure, but I don't think little kids *deserve* to be bitten by a dog. you ever get bit? shit hurts.

When a kid is being a little shit like that of course they deserve some form of punishment. It's a method of learning and by the sound of the protective mother he isn't held responsible enough for his own actions. And yes I've been bitten by each dog my family has owned at least once. From Jack Russell terrier to a few Great Danes.

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Well, if the kid is in the process of trespassing and stealing, then bite away, I say...