By Dirty_Mind_69 - 20/07/2013 08:35 - United States - Shreveport

Today, I came home from work to my hot roommate cooking and wearing nothing but an apron. She pulled me into her room and things went great. At least, they did before I woke up in the break room with my coworkers and boss all gathered around, listening to me talking in my sleep. FML
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At least they didn't ruin the dream by waking you up

JoeGrant 12

It's an omen, and I'm sure your co-workers will laugh and so will you. Don't worry so much!


JoeGrant 12

It's an omen, and I'm sure your co-workers will laugh and so will you. Don't worry so much!

sounds like a wet dream

no sounds like a great opportunity for a worldstar video!

Well you don't seem very nice.

That's what I was thinking, unless he works with a bunch of rude people.

At least they didn't ruin the dream by waking you up

That was considerate of them.

cottoncandymango 17

Sleeping on the job, eh?

sleeping AND wet-dreaming on the job...

salazara 10

You're Fired

deepunder 17

U know what to do. Go back to sleep

You won't be living that one down anytime soon. FYL

Maybe you should put your mind and your sleep elsewhere when you are at work...

Where would you put 'sleep'?

I put it in the fridge to keep it nice and cool.

Who puts sleep in the fridge? It goes hard, you need to keep it in the cupboard!

to hell with both of those suggestions....I put mine in the freezer so I can save it to pass the winner months quickly

He said "break room", so OP was probably just napping on his break. Doesn't mean he was slacking.

Was ur cock outta ur pants

Lets just hope he didn't have a wet dream and woke up with sticky pants. His coworkers wouldn't let him live that one down for sure ;)

Sounds like yours was during English class # 5

Seems like wet dreams are too taboo for FML with all these comments being thumbed down. It's ok girls, they are only natural ;)

Nothing is too taboo for FML.

BlueFlatts 20

Taboo list: •Bad English •Bad jokes •Bad puns •Pointless comments. Correct?

49 - you're missing one more on your list. Thumbing down DocBastard.

Dreams make reality suck.

deepunder 17

Like the one where I was driving a car during an apocalypse. Loved the dream since I was driving a car before I got a permit.

not if you make your dreams reality...

Hopefully your pillow talk was at least good enough to pique the attention of a lady coworker or two ;)

Strike my previous comment if you'd please. I can just envision it going something like: "Hey there girl. I brought the spicy chorizo to kick up your night" or something equally terrible...

Who cooks with just an apron on?? ;)

Woman who want laid the minute their man walks in the door. Cooking + nudity = almost every mans fantasy.

he's absolutely right

RedPillSucks 31

only better if they're cooking bacon.

BlueFlatts 20

Why is it always bacon?

Because bacon is the best sustenance on Earth.

Never cook bacon while naked. The hot grease spatters everywhere you don't want it...

Wizardo 33

This is why I'm a Wizard and no, I'm not dreaming - you can't wake me up! :'(