By lizzy1843 - 26/01/2011 14:48 - United States

Today, my cat pissed in my zen garden. FML
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FYL for having a zen garden when you own a cat.

Hahahah! I didn't actually laugh, but you know, I was bored.

:[ I always do "LOL." Most people I talk too use it whenever versus the actual meaning.

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"LOL" means more than "lol"... people just put "lol" to symbolize a smile. Well, at least I do... lol

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@ #40 / lol = laugh out loud. This is a smile --> :)

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You own a cat. You own a zen garden. YDI.

Have to agree with #10, a zen garden looks like a toilet to a cat.

the cat was meditating in it's giant fancy litterbox

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Thats something special to meditate on.