By lizzy1843 - 26/01/2011 14:48 - United States

Today, my cat pissed in my zen garden. FML
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And vat did you do zen?

FYL for having a zen garden when you own a cat.


Ranora 9

Your cat pissed in what?! ...

a japanese rock garden. Google it

ydi for having a zen garden. and a cat.

whatup360 1

actually it originated in china

67, Shut up. Cats are the shiz.

HowAreYouToday 34

His zen garden...

at least OP found piss...

That is horrible FYL

the correct answer is that this is fucking hilarious.

nuhuh 1

did it throw off your

Did you turn it into a river?

FYL for having a zen garden when you own a cat.

LOL this isn't funny at all.

Hahahah! I didn't actually laugh, but you know, I was bored.

:[ I always do "LOL." Most people I talk too use it whenever versus the actual meaning.

KiddNYC1O 20

"LOL" means more than "lol"... people just put "lol" to symbolize a smile. Well, at least I do... lol

UpsidedownKayak 9

@ #40 / lol = laugh out loud. This is a smile --> :)

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13Lina97 0

lol = little old ladies.

ulicksam 0

You own a cat. You own a zen garden. YDI.

Have to agree with #10, a zen garden looks like a toilet to a cat.

the cat was meditating in it's giant fancy litterbox

iamchuck 0

Thats something special to meditate on.