By Jack - 26/10/2009 06:32 - United States

Today, I was in minding my own business in bed in my dorm room. It was dark and my roommate came over, intending to slap my ass really hard. The problem is, I was lying face up. FML
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"minding your own business"? Does that mean masturbating?



you need a new roommate

BOOM Headshot!!!



Are your balls ok??? lol

tpm45 25

Boom! Dick-head shot!


"minding your own business"? Does that mean masturbating?

Yes, yes it does. Now the OP has a broken erection. Im no doctor but im pretty sure we'll have to amputate. Don't worry OP, we'll give you a lovely vagina instead.

just make sure not to "Joan Rivers" it and he should be fine.

wellinever 5

Can't wait to read your rommate's payback FML.

Bet you liked that.. haha

Please tell me you go to Mizzou. Or that you go to Kansas. If you're at Kansas, it's YDI.

If you go to Mizzou, that's do I!!!

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I go to Mizzou too, I really hope it was and I wanna know what dorm it was in!

Wow. Time to stomp your roommate's nuts while he's sleeping...

You deserve it for living with somebody who thinks it's acceptable to smack your butt without asking.

#9 deserves it for being a prude and a stick in the mud.

I spend a lot of time hoping someone will smack mine.... Lucky dog!

Who the crap asks if they can smack someone's ass? You sound like an awfully boring person #9

lol, "Yo roomie, can I slap yo ass right quick?"

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If you are not gay, you must consider changing either your roommate or your sexual orientation. If you choose to change nothing, I can only imagine what fate awaits you it if you take to falling asleep face down.

i dont get it

perdix 29

Do you mean you don't get any sex, or don't understand the story? If it is the latter, the roommate slapped the OP's genitalia really hard. If it's the former,