By Cherie - United States
Today, I was in an unfamiliar building on campus and I needed to use the bathroom before class started. I walked in and saw a man at the sink. I said "Oh my god I'm sorry! I thought this was the women's washroom." It was. The very butch looking woman gave me a look of death. FML
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By  glostik  |  0

LOL! This has happened to me before, except in a different situation. It was my first day of middle school and I didn't know where the bathroom was. I went into the womens bathroom, thinking it meant girls... I was washing my hands when a teacher walked in and told me that I needed to leave. O,..,O

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

87, I assume you're responding to letitbe?
The woman may not have been dressing manly, and even if she was, that doesn't automatically mean she is a lesbian, which was letitbe's point.
Also your logic is flawed in that I can easily counter like this:
"A lesbian would want to attract girls, fellow lesbians, and fellow lesbians wouldn't go after a girl who looked like a guy."
In other words, dressing "like a man" to attract girls, who are attracted to girls, not men, is completely illogical, and so your logic that she must be a lesbian if she is dressing "like a man" is flawed.

Obviously, lesbians like that DO exist, but your assumption is incorrect based on your argument.
And of course, many straight girls act masculine too, so the assumption is just in general incorrect.

Technically speaking, many clothes that girls wear today were actually considered "masculine" (examples: jeans, t-shirts, vests...). Yet they are now in the women's aisles, aren't they? So maybe the woman had jeans on? (If seen from behind, it wouldn't matter what type of shirt she wore)
Not dressing manly at all, not anymore, not in this day and age.

  completeloser  |  0

Jeez, dude, that's not what I meant at all. My point is that it would be ignorant to assume she was hetero. You know what it means to put words in other people's mouths, right?

  letitbe56  |  0

Well, some people do like it. I have a good friend whose day is made every time she gets called "Sir." If you're going to try to walk the line of traditional gender roles, you have to be prepared for the reactions you're going to get. Anyone who gets upset about that kind of thing clearly isn't very comfortable with themselves.