By UGH - 31/08/2009 23:48 - United States

Today, my parents decided I was old enough to know that my mother doesnt really have horrible nightmares. She's a screamer. FML
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Dynoblaze 1

Maybe having sex with your dad was a nightmare for her.......


F00tball_Playa 0

I'm a screamer too. Also a talker. Moaner... And finally, a squirmer. I often wonder what the he'll I'm dreaming. How is this an FML? You learned that your mom doesn't have horrible nightmares. 

Oh god, I just realized it was about sex, not sleep. Awkward trolling may now begin. 

Chaosaiyan 6
stupidfacesiiigh 0

hahahahahahahaaa that SO sucks for you but thank you for making my day better ^___^