By Lorena - 21/04/2012 19:26 - United States - Kapolei

Today, just three days into a much-needed vacation, my 5-year-old daughter has come down with chickenpox. FML
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PYLrulz 17

Better getting that around that age, than an older age. Just bad timing. FYL.

Yes because when I was a sick kid I cried for my babysitter not my mommy.


PYLrulz 17

Better getting that around that age, than an older age. Just bad timing. FYL.

Donat96 20

LOL! More life F your daughter's life. Chickenpox is an extremely uncomfortable disease(not to mention it could kill you in certain cases.) I wish your daughter well, OP.

pinky78711 5

13- chickenpox is not a disese you dummy its what EVERYONE HAS FOR 4-5 DAYS

PYLrulz 17

13 - true, but at the same time, you want to have a kid get that done and over with at a young age. From what I know, having that at an older age will screw you up good

Mearemoi 14

#26 - Not everyone gets chickenpox. As far as I'm concerned, I've never gotten it before.

I'm gonna have to say that's gotta be F your daughter's life, not so much yours.

I just don't understand how people can vote for OP to deserve this?

A large majority are trolls, the rest could be either a few people who found a reason to vote YDI, or whine because "it's not a true FML". But since the current (by the time my comment is posted) "YDI" numbers are still in the tens, not that much people think it's a YDI. Unlike most FML's when both numbers go into the hundreds real quick.

Wow... I had them twice when I was younger. It left several small scars

Fooberry 9

84, I've had them twice, too! And so has my sister.

26- I don't think you should be calling anyone a dummy. If you take a look in the mirror, I have a feeling there will be a dummy looking right back at you.

i've had them 3 times and so has my sister

nofearjenshere 12

71- I think that some assholes find a way to vote YDI on every FML. Their mindset was probably something like this: "Oh YDI for having children!"

kayla_ann0o 9

26- I've never had chickenpox? I hope she gets better don't let her itch!

That's like saying influenza isn't a disease because everyone gets it ..... I don't think i know a single person who had chickenpox

Today, now I'll be fearing herpes for the rest of my life. Thanks 52. FML

There is a vaccine for chicken pox that most children get these days. It came out in the 90's, so many children do not get infected.

My brother and I got it twice also, it was worse the second time for my brother, he got them all over, like on the bottom of his feet, inside his mouth, it was sad....or so I heard, I was to young to remember.

If she's been vaccinated properly, FYL. If you hadn't had her vaccinated- YDI!!!!! People that don't vaccinate their kids are utterly ridiculous. F your kids life, if you've neglected to vaccinate her for this or anything else! Weigh the risks.

#1- Shoulda vaccinated the kid. #2- Yeah, that sucks and I sympathise with needing a break....... but b/c of neglecting to vaccinate, the little girl is suffering a million times worse than OP!

natural immunity is better than the vaccine and chicken pox is not a deadly condition for the most part so many parents prefer their children to just get it at a young age, some even set up play dates especially so their kids can catch it and get it over with.

I haven't had them, since I got the vaccine. Do the chicken pox really hurt that bad? :/

you better watch out, then. I had it late and it was HELL!

I'm 15 and I've never gotten them. Is that bad?

174, I've heard they are usually worse as an adult. I'm not sure why, perhaps because there's more of you to be itchy? :P

Anyone who says they've never had it or know ppl who have must be all young ppl since like before vaccines abt 20 yrs ago or so it was very common. They r worse as an adult I guess cuz ur immune system isnt as good as dealing with the virus as a kids,,,

177: Oh, sounds like I'm going to have fun with that. :(

149, that's a common misconception. People have died from the chicken pox. The vaccine is much safer. Any serious risks from a vaccine are extremely rare.

Since DocBastard isn't around today I'll have to chime in here and say that 187 is right. 149, and anyone who believes in this old wive's tale, please don't do this to your kid. Even if you can't vaccinate for whatever reason, "pox parties" are a disgusting and harmful practice.

Then leave her alone with a baby sitter...?

Yes because when I was a sick kid I cried for my babysitter not my mommy.

3- OP is on vacation where the hell is she gonna find a baby sitter?

Yank fan- there are services to hire sitters/nannies while on holiday. I used to work for one. Very popular for families who can't afford to travel with their nanny.

54, how many normal families actually have a nanny?

Please don't have kids.

72 - Depends what country the family lives in. In Germany it was quite common to have an aupair/nanny. However I currently live in the states and can't even afford daycare. My friends and family help watch my son when my husband and I work.

I live in Australia and with the average income being between $40,000 - $60,000 a year not many people can afford a nanny/permanent carer for their children

54- while that may be the case those services probably won't even take OP's kid because she has the chicken pix. They would want to run the risk of exposing the other children. Also if OP just dropped her sick child off at a baby sitting service then everyone would just call her an unfit mother.

113 - it's not a place like a daycare. The sitter comes tithe family. When you sign up for the service you let the company know whether you will care for sick children or not. There are no other kids though. I'm not advocating that this is a good Idea, just simply if OP was stupid enough she could actually leave her daughter with a sitter.

also, what babysitter doesn't love chickenpox, let alone a sick kid!? :/

That's just irresponsible

That totally sucks ass.

Now Holmes, how on earth could've you deduced a response that complex from such an obscure snippet of information?

Yeah, it does! It should belong on this site I know of, the site is called FML, where you put stories that totally suck ass

KatrinaKitten 16

Well, it's apparent by the blurriness of his profile picture that not only does he lack deductive reasoning, but also the cognitive abilities to take a proper picture.

99- yes it is. Get a haircut, you'll see.

yummayy_ 11

That just means you have the right to another vacation... Very soon :)

Fuck her life more, since she's five im assuming she hasnt had many vacations before, making this one special.

5 - I know this is irrelevant to the FML (my apologies) but your profile picture is amazing! Did you do that yourself? It's very cool :)

Has anyone noticed that she lives in a vacation paradise.

is says your location is hawaii though?

Is Hawaii immune to chickenpox?

6- Are you fucking mentally retarded? I want to know if I should cut you some slack or not.

Because that sounds fun – a sick kid on a Hawaii vacation!

So that's a "yes" then. 'kay.

i misread, i thought it was a "now we cant go" fml. take your boyfriends dick out of your ass and chill, shrike.

How do you confuse "Come down with chicken pox" with"now we can't go"?

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Especially when it says "three days into a much needed vacation"...

Hahaha! And even if she had misread it like that, and the OP hadn't gone on vacation yet, people DO live in Hawaii. What, you thought only tourists are allowed there? I guess you were too busy fantasizing about dicks inside assholes to think your argument through, little girl.

as in three days before, OPs daughter got sick. and because the daughter got sick, they couldnt go.

dominic1221 6

Your reading comprehension is awful. Your English teacher deserves to be shot.

KingGeorgeGal 12

Could be worse, but that sucks. Sorry.

icrest80 4

Could be worse? I think it's pretty bad as it is. My parents still bitch at me for being sick on vacation when I was little lol

fuckmebutdontfml 16

poor thing those things itch like crazy!

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Birdie_Sage 0

Get her to the nearest hospital.

connerwonner 7

Why would OP do that? Chicken pox isn't severe enough to need hospital care.

hotPinklipstick 24

If you take a child with chickenpox to the hospital the doctor will just send her home. There's no point in taking her to the hospital it would be a waste of time and money.

They have a vaccine for that

There's an app for that.

pinky78711 5


It doesn't work all the time though. Many adults who had it as a kid are now catching chicken pox and having more severe reactions. Best to just let the kid go through it for a few days and never have to worry about it later.

I don't think it's exactly "many." From my understanding, it's rare to catch chickenpox as an adult when you've already had the vaccine. And it's also possible for people who haven't gotten the vaccine, and had the virus as a child to get chickenpox as an adult for a second time. Both are unlikely.

I had it as a kid, then as an adult. FML loved the time off work though!

I had the vaccine as a child, but I recently caught them at the age of 19. It sucked but like someone else said, it was nice to be off work!

moneybagz131 6


Did you say any cock will do?