By ellieowenie - 29/07/2012 08:11 - Australia - Sydney

Today, my 4-year-old son cut half of my hair when I was asleep because he thought I would look better that way. FML
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Gotta love kids.... One day you will laugh about it.


You can't even really be mad at him. At that age there too innocent

I don't think this one is just kids these days- a friend of mine cut her grandma's hair as a kid when she was playing "stylist".. and she's nearly 21 now. So it's just ;)

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#1, it's nothing new with today's kids. Ever heard of Lizzie Borden?

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20- at the age of 4, with proper parenting, they should know the difference between right and wrong. Such as...don't chop off half of mommy's hair.

Sounds like a naughty kid! Hope your son's cute; makes it easier to forgive :P

It seems to me that the 4 year old was trying to do something nice. He didn't understand that his parent wouldnt want him to do that. It's probably not a problem with parenting or anything, just a 4 year olds undeveloped judgment.

Normal behavior. When I was three, I ucut my own hair. I made my mother cry because it was so bad.

#38 Are we really sure op is the mother?

68-I think it's safe to assume so. Not many guys fret about their hair too much.

Haha, I don't think that is a generational thing. I imagine kids of olden days doing these things too

77- I once accidentally spilled Gatorade in a guys' hair and he threatened to egg my house in return.... so, it's possible!

83- That's hilarious who threatens to egg someones house rofl, it seems like more of just a spontaneous thing. I would have been like "ok I'll be waiting with my paintball gun I guarantee you're not leaving happy" lol

Gotta love kids.... One day you will laugh about it.

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When the hair grows back yea lol

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Why grow it back? Maybe OP really does look better like that.

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He's gotta practice somewhere so be more supportful.

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Im sorry about my poor use of sarcasm.

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I don't think 'supportful' is a word hun'.

10- why the hell are you calling him "hun" when he is two years older than you?

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10- 1) I call EVERYONE that. 2) Why do you care?

Regardless of if it's a word or not, the word he was looking for was "supportive"

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74- Yes. That's the point. Let's keep on that instead of why I call everyone hun' (:

You need to have him come back and finish the job, at least. Teach him not to leave things half finished!

Yeah, cut the other half off and donate it all to cancer :)

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Maybe he'll be a hairstylist when he grows up! (: He's just setting a future OP!

OP could just pull a Brittney and shave off her whole head. Then there wouldn't be an 'oops I did it again' scenario.

Why were scissors out for him to do that? For that same reason my kid only gets those safety scissors that cut ONLY paper; don't want to wake up with a less than fashionable mullet one morning. You should invest in a pair. New scissors = $3 Haircut = $60 ( if your lucky)

Those safety scissors cut hair. I cut mine with them when I was a toddler.

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I can cut anything with safety scissors; and 60$ for a haircut? That sounds a bit dramatic.

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I was a preschool teacher for eight years and you would be surprised at what safety scissors can actually cut. I've had my share of cut hair, cuts on skin and one very gruesome act of a child cutting their peanut butter and jelly sandwich. All of which was cut without any problems because they were "safety scissors"

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Actually no. Haircuts are expensive. It especially depends on where you live.

Wow everyone; no need to jump down my throat about safety scissors. It was just a suggestion. When I bought my daughter her scissors that same thought of her cutting her hair ran through my mind,so I tried them on my hair and it didn't cut it! And if all else fails just hide the damn scissors! And as for sixty dollar haircut , that is very plausible for a decent cut, especially in my area.

You must have some indestructible hair. I remember being in elementary school and just hacking away at my split ends in class. Safety scissors cut a lot of things. Hair is one of them.

Ok guys in light of this debate I literally just took out my child's safety scissors and tried to cut my hair, I didn't work, not even when I tried it on a single strand. It just kinda crimped it. I do have very thick hair though. I believe I purchased them at target in case anyone was curious .

I was thinking the same thing 13. And regardless of what kind of scissors they are, why was your four year old playing with scissors while you were sleeping OP? I'd say you're lucky it was only your hair that was cut!

# 113 so I noticed your a guy... So no girls don't go to barber shops and any place that does charge $20 including tip for a girls haircut may be a place that you should think twice about going to. I say this from experience. Cheaper doesn't always equal better.

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Where I live (Cali) haircuts range from $15-25 for women depending on the place. And maybe an extra $10 if you want it styled or want them to blow dry it. $60 sounds really high

116, I live in Scotland and I pay £20 for a cut and blow dry, that converts to about $30 I think. My hair is always done well.

Last time I got my hair cut it cost $17. And that was for the cut, bang trim, blow dry, and straightening. And it turned out perfect. You just have to find the right place.

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I charge 20 for a cut and Style

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I have never paid $60 for a haircut, to me that just seems absurdly expensive. The most I've ever paid for a haircut is maybe $25 at the most and my hair comes out just how I want it.

I guess this all depends on which safety scissors are bing used there's two different kinds the solid hard plastic that only cut paper or the plastic ones with a metal blade...