By Pimpleeater - 20/12/2011 07:45 - New Zealand

Today, I found out that, when mad at us, my son picks the tops off his shoulder-pimples and sprinkles them in our food. FML
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don't knock it till you've... no your right that is gross

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omg that sooo nasty i waz tuened on now im dry... phfft!

I believe it provides extra protein for op.

Maybe with the right seasoning... Like death? Death seems like the only seasoning that would redeem this atrocity.

OP deserves it for raising her son like that. :P

1 - your picture goes well with your comment

I would eat my kids face off if he did that.

^ what if he has acne on his face double zit eating

I Think Thats Gross But What If Everytime You Ate The Food He'd Sprinkle With His Pimple You Guys Would Say "What Did You Put In This?! It Tastes AMAZING!" Either Way Fyl D:

So that was the secret ingredient this whole time!

I can't even joke about that... Thats just undeniably repulsive...

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oh god I just gagged! btw love your username

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I would rip off his arms and beat him with the bloody stumps

Cambell's chicken soup with secret sprinkles! Mm mm good...

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I lost my morning wood instantly just now.

EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!! I just threw up in my lecture when I read that

Hmm, maybe you should write an FML about that?

You people have some seriously weak stomachs if just READING this made you throw up, or even gag.

That's do gross I would start cooking his meals and adding te dirtiest absurd in there. Your pubes, boogies, toenail clippings. THIS IS WAR

98- but then he would get them back worse and they would be eating all kinds of gross stuff.....

100 that's true. I guess I'm a bit grossed out my first idea was to wage war hahaha.

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How would you know if the person did or did not?!

That is just wow... Really? That's beyond disgusting!

That is seriously super gross. It's forever in my brain.

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Eww. Well at least you are immune to his germs now!


55 I was wondering that also like if it was on accident or on purpose.


I was referring to Number 10 for those who didn't know.

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Who would park a Lamborghini on a curb for a photo shoot?

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Make him the family taste tester before all meals from now on

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**** that. Make him buy his own damn food and prepare his own meals from now on. What an ungrateful piece of shit.

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Show him what you do when you're angry! Spank the shit out him or something!

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This calls for more than spanking. More like serious hardcore beating and gleefully handing him over to child services when he bitches. This is seriously disturbing. Future serial killer...

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@194 & 268-that person is the best kind of parent that disciplines their kids for being absolute shitheads. Dislike this comment if you want, but what I'm saying is the truth. Most white people don't make their kids do shit around the house, like chores or anything. If their kids are being assholes, the parents are like oh that's bad don't do that. While other parents are like oh hell no you little shit and they spank them. Spanking is NOT child abuse.

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I just threw up a little on the inside ...