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Today, I woke up cold. The guy I had sex with last night stole my blanket. He also took everything out of my freezer, and all of my soap, shampoo, and conditioner. The number he left me was for a pizza place. FML
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And I'm sure he left u a little parting gift. Get tested and dont have one night stands.

That's what happens when you let strangers in your house, dumbass.


And I'm sure he left u a little parting gift. Get tested and dont have one night stands.

becareful your next one nite stand will wipe you out clean..

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ydi for having sex with a thief. did u lose ur virginity too?

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wow steal my name some more bitch.

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cat fight wanna do this in mud or chocolate either way someones top has to come off

@57 Well I guess my secret is out now. After many sleepless nights of combing the FML threads for a proper user name to steal, I stumbled across yours. I guess everyone now knows I'm neither a true hairstylist nor a Smiths fan. Thanks a lot, Idiot.

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just flat out OWNED. Nicely done.

i just got an idea, next time I'm staying at a girls place I'll do the same when I wake up

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#20- Seeing how she phrases it as "the guy I had sex with last night" instead of "my boyfriend" or "my husband," I seriously doubt it, haha. this is an obvious ydi, op.

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lol it makes me laugh that you specified he stole your blanket. did u **** a hobo or something?

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One night stands rocks! Everybody should have had at least one in there life. May it be only to be sure that's not what they want. Many many 40 y-o girls I spoke to regret they did not have more when they were younger.

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ohthebloodygore 16

58, I never said you weren't...? Bravo? I don't know what sort of reply you're expecting. If you're referring to my profile, try sarcasm.

Yes, your profile made it clear to me I'm smarter than you.

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60, I'll repeat myself again, sarcasm.

I am and was aware. Still, my point stays intact.

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Bravo to you? What you said is an opinion, not a fact.

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May we also take this to the PM section? I'd rather not get a warning.'re dumb for even writing that, Rakal..grow up.

you can bring it to my house assuming your the cutie in the pic and she's bringing weed/Jesus lol ;)

I guess that's your last one night stand, huh? :P

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don't listen to these people restock and invite me over

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your cute(: message me and we can talk(;

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hitting on strangers on the internet is creepy.

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we can tell you're short. tell us something we don't know

That's what happens when you let strangers in your house, dumbass.

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If you know the person you can track your stuff down. There's not much of a reason for him to be afraid of any consequences though.

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Well I can give you that, but it really depends on how specific to OP's situation you are trying to stay. If you put someone that the OP knew in the original situation, he probably wouldn't have stolen a bunch of petty stuff, or at least not such obvious things. In this case, I think Freeze's point is completely valid. if you want to generalize it so that it can apply to many scenarios, such as multiple people over stealing something that might not be easily noticed, then maybe it's not quite as valid. You really can't prove exactly what part of the FML Freeze meant to apply his argument to though.

You really had some menstruation over my comment, I see. I'm going to be like you and refuse to tell you why I am correct.

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organized chaos. you suck just for the overall tone of your unwanted comments. also how can you compare one person stealing from her after sex to multiple people coming over for what would be assumed a get together and taking something. you're wrong

Here is your response. And I quote, "im going to assume your ignorance comes from the fact that your balls havent dropped yet and move on."

"That's not all, here's the condom I said I put on!" "GASP" "Ain't I the worst? Giggity giggity giggity giggity!"

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i hope its dominos pizza. they have this new chocolate lava cake. yuuums

You deserve it for having useless one night stands. You also deserve it for getting so drunk that you slept through him taking your blanket under which you were sleeping, raided your while kitchen, and even decided that taking your shampoo would be a good idea.