By royalscenery - 27/10/2010 21:58 - Canada

Today, after discussing the side-effects of an insomnia aid, my doctor said that making a choice was naturally a difficult one, and that he would only prescribe it to me once I'd had "a good, long sleep on it". He then laughed out loud and called in the next patient. FML
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Oh he was just trying to be funny :) If you think about it, he has to visit tons of patients that expect him to be a miracle worker and if I was in that situation I would definitely make jokes to keep my sanity!

Maybe you'll wake up, and it was all just a dream!


Their comments are so terrible because they rush to be first. I've noticed that most of the first comments have no thought put into them lately.

I'm guessing you guys did not see my first post 2 months ago. I did say first but I also did type a bit a few minutes to type it. I also need now watch it not be first. it was though but was not a quick 1 to be first.

just a bit of medical humour, doctors usually try to cheer the patient up, he probably didn't mean any harm :)

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don't you hate it when douchebags reply to #1?

poor you, sleep's awesome. my favorite hobby ;)

haha your doctor is awesome! Insomnia sucks tho, welcome to the club...

nice pic, i really wanted to see your nipple :/

Maybe you'll wake up, and it was all just a dream!

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Drink some beer. That works well. Or take some Benadryl. I got allergies but I always just go without Benadryl cause I can never get through the day on it.

Even if he was trying to have fun, that was still a dick thing to say, especially if you're showing the obvious poor health signs that comes with insomnia...

You didn't say darling. What is this world coming to?

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He isn't a one trick Ponyta, you know, I've got your back, Mirobo!

No sarcasm here, I look forward to the little darlings.

OP: That's funny man. You'll probably appreciate that joke even more after YOU'VE had a nice long sleep on it. DOCTOR: Huh? OP: "Punches head" BTW Mirorbo, I see you changed the profile picture. Looks nice.