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  tounces7  |  27

Well, jokes on his Girlfriend then, she's the one who just cheated on him for someone really disgusting. Wait till her borrows her toothbrush. Assuming he even uses one.

  sparkledoge  |  29

I also like how it never occurs to this kind of commenter that a person can be bisexual, and that men also wear whatever the fuck they want as underwears anyway.

i also didn't quite understand how the s/o of OP and the type of underwear stolen were relevant here.
What is the point of that comment ?

  Demon_of_Light  |  27

Maybe they are lucky. Maybe the other guy came over because he spilled hot coffee on his pants on the way to a job interview that he couldn't be late for, so he stopped by his female best friend(on whom he secretly had a crush)'s house (which was much closer than his own home) to ask to borrow a change of clothes. He put on the lucky underwear and BOOM! good things are happening for him. Unfortunately, the luck went to his head, and greed consumed him. In his reckless overindulgence, he removed the underwear to sleep with the girl, and that was his downfall. As quickly as it came, the luck vanished, and thus he was caught in the act by the OP.

Or maybe there's no such thing as lucky underwear. Guess we'll never know for sure.