By pittmanw - 18/07/2016 02:54 - United States - Jackson

Today, I came home to find my girlfriend in bed with another guy. On top of it all he stole my favorite underwear. FML
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Of course stealing someone else's girlfriend is wrong, but also stealing someone's underwear? That's nasty.

I wouldn't try get either of them back.


Of course stealing someone else's girlfriend is wrong, but also stealing someone's underwear? That's nasty.

I read that in a Cleveland voice. Lol

I'd be pissed at the girl for cheating and really pissed at the guy for stealing my underwear. Seriously who does that(stealing underwear)?

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Well, jokes on his Girlfriend then, she's the one who just cheated on him for someone really disgusting. Wait till her borrows her toothbrush. Assuming he even uses one.

No need, I'm sure he's already borrowed that from someone else too #46

You're either a lesbian and he took your thong, or you're a guy and he took your boxers

Yeah, because all lesbians wear thongs, and all guys wear boxers. *sarcasm*

Wow I didn't know lesbian was a gender...

OP said "another guy", so I'm going to assume he's male.

Well being lesbian narrows it down just as well!

I also like how it never occurs to this kind of commenter that a person can be bisexual, and that men also wear whatever the **** they want as underwears anyway. i also didn't quite understand how the s/o of OP and the type of underwear stolen were relevant here. What is the point of that comment ?

But you can't be lesbian without being a girl.

I wouldn't try get either of them back.

But what if it's it's lucky underwear?

Can't be that lucky if his girlfriend cheated on him and the underwear got stolen

It's only lucky if you're wearing it.

Maybe they are lucky. Maybe the other guy came over because he spilled hot coffee on his pants on the way to a job interview that he couldn't be late for, so he stopped by his female best friend(on whom he secretly had a crush)'s house (which was much closer than his own home) to ask to borrow a change of clothes. He put on the lucky underwear and BOOM! good things are happening for him. Unfortunately, the luck went to his head, and greed consumed him. In his reckless overindulgence, he removed the underwear to sleep with the girl, and that was his downfall. As quickly as it came, the luck vanished, and thus he was caught in the act by the OP. Or maybe there's no such thing as lucky underwear. Guess we'll never know for sure.

Sounds like he wants to be you. Maybe he should pay your bills too.

Hey bud, he probably wanted to see if he could "live up" to your standards and all he got were your seconds... you get to move up to better things.

I'm not sure if you're more upset about your girlfriend or about your underwear.

leave the girl and go buy new underwear! you'll find a new girl soon and she will be so much better!

i really hope they weren't clean underwear

Kick her ***** ass to the curb and go commando. Problem solved.