By Chelsea - 02/04/2012 17:31 - United States

Today, I met a really attractive guy outside of a club. We came back to my apartment and had sex. Afterward, we both fell asleep. I woke up and found 20 dollars on my nightstand that wasn't there before. He thought I was a prostitute, and apparently a cheap one. FML
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Look on the bright side, $20 up.

at least you got some money?


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what's your complaint? did you think you were going to go out with him or something? you had sex with a hot guy an got $20. stop whining.

well OP you sure as hell act like one

at least you got some money?

Look on the bright side, $20 up.

#3 is right. What are you going to spend the $20 on?

You kinda deserved that one.

sex and money... what's to complain about?

this is the general opinion. how are you upset about that? just be a little more clear on your prices next time.

Try to be better at what you do... you'd get more than a 20$ bill

You kind of are a prostitute if you go around clubs, sleeping with random guys. Wait, no. You didn't expect money, so it just makes you a slut. So the $20 is a bonus, then. What will you spend it on? Condoms? Birth control?

hey why don't you stop slut shaming women or men for having sex. Don't degrade someone for doing something they like.

But she brought a random guy home which makes her a slut. the same would go if it was a guy bringing home a random girl. people like sex undoubtedly, but have some decency and do it with a significant other and not with a stranger for crying out loud.

At least you got $20 out of the deal, and hopefully no STDs.

Some guys here are right, be careful now, you don't want to have got anything extra in you besides those $20, right?