By Chelsea - 02/04/2012 17:31 - United States

Today, I met a really attractive guy outside of a club. We came back to my apartment and had sex. Afterward, we both fell asleep. I woke up and found 20 dollars on my nightstand that wasn't there before. He thought I was a prostitute, and apparently a cheap one. FML
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what's your complaint? did you think you were going to go out with him or something? you had sex with a hot guy an got $20. stop whining.

well OP you sure as hell act like one

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sex and money... what's to complain about?

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this is the general opinion. how are you upset about that? just be a little more clear on your prices next time.

Try to be better at what you do... you'd get more than a 20$ bill

You kind of are a prostitute if you go around clubs, sleeping with random guys. Wait, no. You didn't expect money, so it just makes you a ****. So the $20 is a bonus, then. What will you spend it on? Condoms? Birth control?

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hey why don't you stop **** shaming women or men for having sex. Don't degrade someone for doing something they like.

But she brought a random guy home which makes her a ****. the same would go if it was a guy bringing home a random girl. people like sex undoubtedly, but have some decency and do it with a significant other and not with a stranger for crying out loud.

At least you got $20 out of the deal, and hopefully no STDs.

Some guys here are right, be careful now, you don't want to have got anything extra in you besides those $20, right?