By heshay - 28/10/2010 04:27 - United States

Today, my boyfriend was seated in my section at work. As he sees me his face drops... he's on a date. He had forgotten I work there. I had to serve him and his date, and they didn't leave a tip. FML
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I'd break up with him, not because he's cheating, but because he's obviously too stupid to not take a date to the restaurant where his girlfriend works! Who wants to be around someone that dumb?


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I hope you farted on their food! :p

I disagree. In my experience, an employer will care about their profits long before your personal issues. At most I could see letting op work a different section untill their soon to be ex leaves.

lmao the chances of that happeninnn..smhh

ydi for not having a backbone. call him out on it and let her know what a great guy she's got!

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Did you pull a scene like off the movie "Vanlentines Day''? Why not?! I would have not been able to keep myself calm if something like that happened. FYL OP and more power to you for being able to keep your cool. You didn't need a guy like that anyways. There is always someone better out there fo you.

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his FACE dropped?? how does that work

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Pretty sure one of them is gunna do that... at least I hope

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bad luck, I grabbed #1 spot, it's my first time doing that

You were 2 minutes off. Your comment probably would've been moderated anyway!

what's the bet someone will say spit in his food? :P no but srs, whatadick

damn that sucks leave him and find someone that will treat you right playa

what a dick break up with him there and then and make him feel like an idiot cause he made you feel like an idiot