By december2009 - 04/01/2010 03:41 - United States

Today, I woke up to realize that the guy who took my virginity last night also took my flat screen TV. FML
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YDI apparently you should have gotten to know this person who took your virginity a bit better...

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I guess he didn't do you for free.


nice picture 

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YDI for having sex before marriage. Even when you're not married you still deserve it for doing it with someone you don't even know that well.

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#69 If you are really in love with a person and you are not married that is fine. My sister and her boyfriend are in love but not married because they cannot afford a wedding. So if you really love someone it is fine.

U are assuming she wasnt married!

I have to agree with #69. it's supposed to be a special gift that we save until marriage.

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ooooooooo that sux

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aww poor u!!!!

Hahahahaha.... nicely worded.

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I guess he didn't do you for free.

WIN 4 just a win commrnt xD


that sucks

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that sux!

Oh, that was you I did last night? Thanks for the TV. Best tip EVERRRR.

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this fml is dumb. they let the stupidest shit on.

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now that one suxs lol hope it wasn't a costly t