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  enonymous  |  8

Pillowcases to carry the items the guy was going green on his crime spree unless you want the thief to kill mother nature and use plastic bags. Deodorant because hey... Can't be leaving a scent for the bloodhounds right?

  ZebcoGirl  |  0

Or they were using the pillowcases to carry the stolen stuff in, but I have no explaination for the deodorant. Maybe they were sweating because they were rushing to get out..

  humorizer  |  14

The pillowcase was to help them stash their goodies. I can't remember the exact reason behind it, but I recall reading in The Anarchist Cookbook (or some other similar 'survival guide for thieves' type book) that a burglar should simply grab a pillowcase and stuff it with stolen jewels to save time or something.

As for deodorant... I have no idea what prompted that to happen.

  Decapitation  |  3

I would guess that stealing the electronics was just a cover up. The thief most likely smelled the deodorant on you earlier that day and decided, at that moment, that he must have it. Sure he could have bought some... but that's just too easy.

  crinx034  |  0

Let's see here, they stole the ps3, that's alright I guess we can always get another, they took my laptop, it was going slow anyways, anything else? No? Well I guess that's oka- OH MY GOD THEY TOOK THE PILLOW CASES!!! GOD HELP US! NOT THE PILLOW CASES!!!!