One night stand

By Anonymous - 14/10/2010 02:12 - Canada

Today, I woke up in bed with no pillows. I think the guy I slept with stole them. FML
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you should sleep with him again and steal them back

This is why you don't have sex with random people.


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Kay. ? whoop Dee doo. someone stole your pillows ? Get off FML, stop complaining, and Go buy some more.

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So do you sleep with bums or something, who steals pillows? were the pillow cases Egyptian cotton, if so what was the thread count? I just need a good visual image of these now!

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Probly is using them to do someone else! Hahaha that sucks! Trust no one.....

This is why you don't have sex with random people.

Schizomaniac 24 they don't steal your pillows. Exactly.

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well if she took the time to get to know the guy then she would have found out he is a pillow thief, possibly

I hope you're joking, Erika. That makes no sense whatsoever.

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maybe your pillows gave more satisfaction than you did.

That's what you get for sleeping with hobos.