By gerligrl97 - 12/06/2011 18:50 - United States

Today, along with my virginity, my boyfriend took my laptop, iPhone, TV, and most of the food in my fridge. FML
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futtbuck101 1

you better get that food back

Yet you call him your "boyfriend".


Your boyfriend must be good at chess. He thought many moves ahead. He knew that you would be clingy, giving yourself to him. He then considered that you'd prolly want to settle down, get married and get a home. Then you'd get bored, divorce him and take his laptop, tv, etc. He just thought "not if I do it first!" and took your shit instead. Like I said: He's a genius, and probably a good chess player!:)

Your boyfriend is a genius and probably a good chess player, he was several moves ahead of you. He considered that since you were his first, you'd be clingy with him. He knew this would progress to you wanting to settle, marry and probably buy a home. He knew you'd get bored though, and divorce him and thus taking his shit. He then thought "fuck that, not if I strike first". He then proceeded in the preemptive strike. Thus: he's a genius!;)

Sorry for the double post...

Who were you dating really? Don't you want to know a man little better before you lose virginity to him? Or nowadays that doesn't mean anything at all? Too many douchebags are in this world, you were fool and there is no one to blame but yourself. Of course dude is an absolute asshole, but if you will stop being dumb, you will avoid situations like this.

BeastNerd 3

He raped you?

kathii01 20

well said 38

dj2013 6


dj2013 6


74,wtfda fuck r u doin cus dats sum nasty shit. anyway ya don't look to single to me...

Smurfsarwales you have now been crowned the most annoying ass bitch on this site. Stop talking in text lingo. ohhh and Stop trying to be a hood rat.

at least I don't hav the fattest cat in da world AND give it beer. if u read my profile, it said dnt fuck me. and don't give me bullshit about not being fucked to cus u took da time to comment...

87: Your are now officially the dumbest as well...

Can I buy a vowel?

"Well said" made me laugh xD

chill it's just fml. realax tho that might be hard for an ASSHOLE!!!

Chill your balls, son. Watching the pot call the kettle black was funny though. :-)

#91... I think it's time for a nap. You're a little cranky today. So... FALL BACK NIGGA!

that was the point of my comment. I'm glad you realized :)

She probably didn't make him a sandwich ;)

rrrmmmvvv 0

No #115 by took op ment he stayed there with all of her stuff.

I think stealing virginity is just called rape in some parts.

One ghetto boyfriend

Don't leave your stuff lying around then.

the true fml wouldve been if it was anle


No, the true FML is that you can't even spell "anal".

thomas357 0


lost my virginity , call 1-800-single, reward - 2000$ if found

boyguydudemalema 0

thanks 200 i was wondering what he was talking about

she got owned in multiple ways.

200- forgive him, he's probably British

he's probably your boyfriend

ImmortalKratos 0

....the Bf was black...

minecraft_fml 4

call the cops

pablothepenguin 2

Anyone else notice ops name? gerligirl97..... I'm just hoping that's not how she spells girly and that she wasn't born in 97 losing her virginity...

and yet you still say boyfriend?

Seabeast1000 4

That's what you get for being a whore!

Seabeast1000 4

That's what you get for being a whore!

Seabeast1000 4

That's what you get for being a whore!

No sympathy here you chose to stay with him so it's your own fault. Hope by now you dumped him

Yet you call him your "boyfriend".

Yeah, she still has a few things left to steal so he hasn't broken up with her yet.

Report theft or just shoot him. But really what's the difference.

"911, I need to report my phone, tv, food, laptop, and virginity stolen. I need to get all these things back pronto."

Everyone should just get a giant gold chain with your name and the word virginity on it at birth and that should be considered your virginity. Things would be so much better that way.

102 - Suppose you go swimming, and must take the chain off, and somebody steals the chain from you. That's a fucked up way to "lose your virginity", don't you think?

That's the point. That way it's proven that your virginity is stupid and pointless. I honestly hate all you people because of the stupid things you hold dear. Sound bigoted and stupid? Yeah it is.

IHeartJimi02 0

Epilepsy, I agree with you in a way. Not about the gold chain but the virginity thing. It's not necessarily stupid but people take virginity way too seriously. People plan on how they will lose it and make it out to be something special and magical. Most of the time it doesn't go as planned and there is nothing magical about it.

everybody knows the more you treat a girl/woman like shit the more they become attached.

monnanon 13

Only stupid women become more attatched if they are treated badly.

girls like assholes women like confidence

There are many stupid women out there it seems.

I guess it wasn't a cheap date.

he musta gave her a good fucking

unluckydude100 7

you sure know how to pick em

And yet u have your iPhone to post an fml... strange.

futtbuck101 1

you better get that food back

jellitonoctopus 19

I agree!

before they turn nasty

because the food's all that matters

It was sarcasm dumbass

I was being sarcastic too genius

haha silenthunter haha

salvorican 24

Dude... The food is all that matters. U take my food I bite u -_-

no one touches my food. take my Virginity instead.

Ya cuz that's what really matters

I guess your sex faces are ugly?

what does that have to do with anything?

Her "sex faces" were so horrifying that he decided to move to an entirely new continent an start a new life to forget the faces, and he decided he would need food and entertainment for the trip, and he was a little short on cash, so he "borrowed" from her.

Like your pic (not in a sexual way) (:

HeartAndSoul2011 0

u saying her sex faces are ugly when your profile picture isn't exactly the prettiest thing I've ever seen

randiZ25 0

awe looks like someones found a keeper!

eog314 0

i get's clever cuz he "keeps things". damn how witty...

29 u mean burgerular?

meggieh815 0

^^^ no. no he doesn't.

IHeartJimi02 0



ur an idiot

ur nt an idit eithr ;)

Why does she deserve it? Inconsiderate jerk.

because OP was like "ima let him pop my cherry and rob me!" clearly she didn't know what kind of guy he was...

And you had no idea he was like that? Dunbass.

I agree. OP is a dunbass

I've dated a dunbass before. Not fun.

MissFukMyLuck 0

there are some MANIPULATIVE people out there! watch it happen to you, you'll never see it coming. don't bash the poor girl because she had to learn a lesson the hard way. asshole$

All you dunasses are so dun...

pepper477 6

well OP is kind of a dunbass, but I mean give them a break they must feel bad enough.

pepper477 6

well OP is kind of a dunbass, but I mean give them a break they must feel bad enough.

spell dumbass right then we can talk about it

esther_rose 0

No, you're the *Dumbass.

and troooooolled.

I love the irony in that statement :D

jklol11 0

that's one he'll of a boyfriend then...

dreiv330 0

he'll sure was!

superfluousfrog 6


jklol11 0

yeah it didn't work