By why me - 24/10/2017 01:30

Today, someone broke into my house and stole all of my underwear. FML
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I hope they were clean! They’ll eventually sniff out the perpetrator, and sent them to the pantie-tentiary!

Lt_Senpai 21

Sorry, that was me


Lt_Senpai 21

Sorry, that was me

I hope they were clean! They’ll eventually sniff out the perpetrator, and sent them to the pantie-tentiary!

Spongebob and Patrick going on a panty raid?

God fucking dammit. I was going to say a fucking panty raid joke. You beat me to it. You ruined my day man >;[

Your husband has a secret. Or your life is in danger

arioch_fml 20

Why not both?

*Plays Mexican Music*

At least ya have an excuse to buy new underwear. Love the feeling of putting on a new pair.

Goldboss 5

Are you a guy or girl? If you're a dude, its even weirder cause who steals a dudes underwear.

Example, fangirls would take Johnny Depp's underwear. He's a dude

I highly suggest changing all your locks and reinforcing your doors and windows... or moving, because it sounds like you possibly have a stalker.

if they have a stalker wouldn't they just stalk/follow the op and find out where she lives?

The idea is that you don't leave a forwarding address, and change your routine so they can't. Or have all but he basics put in storage by a friend, and move to multiple places over a brief period of time. Barring that, they need to at least set up a camera to try to get video of them to take to court as a way to not only get them charged with breaking and entering and petty theft (or would it count as larceny here?), as well as get a restraining order in the process of getting made. Getting a couple of legal self defense weapons (and any permits) in a discrete manner would also be a good idea. If you're really dedicated to trying to shake them, you could even lay down a false trail that makes it look like you moved cross country.

Apparently the thief doesn't realize that bras and panties aren't the greatest thing in the world- but they're next to it.

Actually, used underwear can sell upwards of $300, depending on where you sell them to. Japan and South(?) Korea are infamous for having particularly lucrative markets for it, to my understanding.