By watersport - / Wednesday 10 March 2010 17:56 / United States
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to everybody being a douche to OP, it's completly normal. it's called a false awakening, and usually people experience 1 or 2 in their lives. quite commonly people dream they went to the bathroom, and end up releasing their bladder in reality.

op, don't worry. there is no way this will be a regular thing. to everyone else, u have a good chance of it happening to you (all tho not all false awakenings make you wet your bee, the one I have experienced didn't)

  zZPedobearZz  |  0

ive done this before, but ive never actually peed myself. i thought i woke up and i went to take a shpwer, only to realise that i was sleeping 15 minutes later. happened like 4-5 times


hahaha I've done this before... one of those mega-giant cokes after a really really exhausting day... had a dream about peeing that I actually thought was real untill I woke up... fortunitly enough I woke up promptly and stopped myself.

  caomei  |  0

that has happened to me soooo many times as a child I don't think I stopped until like I was 14.... it's pretty embarrasing. my mom even took me to the doctors for a checkup haha

  ZennaBug  |  0

What a bummer! Happened to me once in high school. I was so sure that I had gotten up and gone to the bathroom before I peed. *sigh* Now I make a point to poke/slap/pinch myself before I pee in the middle of the night because I'm so paranoid! FYL

  rauj13  |  0

Once or twice in a lifetime is not common. :p Unless you live under 15 days. And then I don't think you'll be too worried about pissing yourself.

  riku3220  |  2

Why does OP deserve it? Those "I'm getting out of my bed, taking the exact path to my bathroom with every item in it's place before I went to sleep, and peeing in the toilet" dreams are very realistic. Especially since all three times it happened to me I was dreaming in first person while I usually dream in third person.

  birds_fml  |  7

One time I was dreaming I really had to pee, but I knew I was dreaming, so I went ahead and peed, since it was only a dream anyways. I woke up and I had wet the bed. I was like 12 when this happened. Be glad you sleep alone! I'm always paranoid that I'm going to have that dream again, except now I'm married and it would be far more embarrassing than it was back then, when I was able to hide the evidence.

  swimchic007  |  0

@116, thats the same thing that happened to me when i was 13! And i didnt realize it until I woke up while i was peeing myself :( I had no idea, since my dream shifted from third person to first person...ugh.


@the fat fuck named Charliepoops. are you that stupid. He said he was having a dream. Only 5 year olds have realistic dreams now and it's not like he was awake and didn't feel like getting up to go pee.

  CanadianHuney  |  0

FAIL!!! haha once I was in bed with my ex and he peed all over the bed. it was so gross! fyl for having to bathe in your pee but fml for having to bathe in someone ELSES pee.

  afatmonkey  |  0

My neighbors have this big body builder with lazy eye taser their 4-year old child when he wets himself. I saw it happen once and couldn't help but laugh. I'm going to hell.

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