By Embarassed - 10/09/2009 05:32 - Canada

Today, I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. At least, I thought I did, until I woke up to my pants, sheets, and boyfriend all soaking wet. FML
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Stephanieeex3 0

LMFAOLMFAO. I did that once. Aren't dreams just the sweetest?


Aww, the OP must be 10. Mommy and daddy shouldn't let you sleep with your boyfriend when you're THAT young! Maybe you slept over at your boyfriend's older brother's house, and he was rather liberal about letting his little brother's friends have a sleepover with him.

dudeitsdanny 9

Yes, the boyfriend got the bigger FML. I would have been happier if the OP was from Alberta. I could pretend it's someone I know =D

Poor kids who learn to regard someone as immature just to make their five-year-old minds feel better. Regardless, I hope your boyfriend wasn't too perturbed.

I'll bet the boyfriend's mad. I'd make her sleep in the bathroom on the floor if it were me.

check for her boyfriend fml lol i bet u will find something like that today i woke and saw that i had peed all up and i saw my girlfriend peeing

Stephanieeex3 0

LMFAOLMFAO. I did that once. Aren't dreams just the sweetest?

wazdog 4

i did that once, kind of, except instead of waking up in bed i woke up in the shower. which im guessing isnt as comfy or warm, plus i didnt have someone there to share the experience with me:(

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i always wake up from that dream before its to late. lulz poor you

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i hate those dreams...but i always wake up before, but then i get angry because i still have to pee

That really, really sucks. I would hate having that happen. So embarrassing. FYL.

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hahahaha sucks for you maybe you should consider Depends!!!!! :D

schwee 0

that happened to me too once!!! sorry girl