By Anonymous - 22/08/2012 06:01 - Australia - Camberwell

Today, the man who tried to mug me sent me a friend request on Facebook. FML
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I wonder how he knew what the muggers name was.

btstig 11

Possibly because he stole op's wallet or purse?

Maybe he just wants to party some Farmville?

jacquesromualdez 12

some people didnt read the FML correctly lol, but isnt that good now you have his name if he really is the mugger.

slayerxx 7

Not only wanted to play FarmVille with him but mug him in FarmVille xD

Midrash 5

I would accept then send him game request everyday as revenge.

JocelynKaulitz 28

97 - Or poke the shit out of his FB ;)

"Hey man, sorry for stealing your shit last week. Can we still be fb buddies? I really need to hit one thousand friends..."

Well the FML says "tried to mug me" so I don't think the mugger succeeded. So maybe he was arrested and OP found out his name that way.

OneOnJuanAction 22

No, it's so the mugger would know where he lives or what he's doing at the moment.

dragonstrike94 8

Well. Well damn that's just awkward

maemadness 2

What's more awkward, actually scary, is that the mugger knew them well enough to find them on Facebook.

Yes, I guess some people just have issues with approaching others

Awkward and stupid :/ Now OP has the person's full name and everything...

ant1ion 12

22- yeah, he just wanted to say hi and flirt with op But it ended wrong XD

bamagrl410 31

If OP was mugged, the guy probably has his or her ID & other things, which could make adding someone on Facebook relatively easy. I wouldn't think (or hope) they knew each other.

maemadness 2

Aww, I guess he wanted to keep you updated on the items he stole- so you wouldn't worry :)

He didn't steal anything because he was unsuccessful. Note the word "tried" in the FML.

maemadness 2

Oh, well in that case I think he added OP to keep trying to mug

I hacked your wow account and took all your stuff.

Might be a good way to get his info to the police, I suppose...

And they say you aren't friends until it's on facebook

wetofour 7

This comment had me laughing so hard xD

I've always heard Australia is populated entirely with criminals, but this is taking it a step too far. Does this mean your friend tried to mug you, or that even the criminals try to be friends with everyone?

Well we do have the friendliest criminals... They tweet us as they are breaking into houses.

TheDrifter 23

Well op said "tried". Maybe op beat the mugger badly enough to give him battered spouse syndrome and he just wants to apologise?

I think it means that this criminal decided he might like to be a stalker as well. You know, branch out a little and gain some experience...

Sometimes when they come to mug you, they ask if they can tag you in the pictures and upload them up to Facebook, adding captions like "omg hanging with my bestie victim here at '_____' xx" I think it's very nice :)

Australia isn't populated entirely with criminals you idiot. ...we also have kangaroos.

If I could like this a thousand times. Kangaroos!!!!

Well you're right because in Australia just about everything is a crime

I'm trying to figure out how that would even happen. Someone you know tried to mug you? Or did you introduce yourself to your mugger? "Your money or your life!" "Oh, hello there! I'm John Smith. Nice to meet you."

Ummm they got mugged. Their wallet/purse got taken. That means their ID got taken. And that has a picture of them as well as their name.

Maybe the would be mugger just saw OP's profile picture and recognized them. Small chance, but... Nice name, by the way. :D

You realize people get mugged for their cell phones too, right? Not just their wallets.

etoilenuit 15

Well if he mugged op then he would have gotten a hold of something with op's name on it. It'd be crazy but maybe he looked him up?

That's my name, same spelling same last and first name

Well when e mugge him he could've stolen his ID

He wanted tips on how to better mug hi next time.

zingline89 18

This is perfect! Now you can get your revenge. Send him Farmville requests multiple times per day and he'll wish he had never tried to mess with you!

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olpally 32

Call the cops on him and have that asshat arrested... how stupid can a person be? Isn't it their idea not to be caught? Lmao.

I doubt there's any evidence other than OP's word. I don't think that's enough for an arrest. But I'd give props to OP for being able to identify his or her attacker as well as not getting mugged. It says "tried to mug me". Way to go!

There's a small possibility if on the same day or clothes had not been washed that there could still be fingerprints on them, if they had touched them at all. Just a small chance, but it might be worth something :)

loves2fight 5

Haha. I've never heard anyone call someone else an "asshat" love it :) I wanna use that word now