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By  dacman48  |  0

#11's right, some girls look their best in different moods. sometimes its when their crying, laughing, wateve. i had a gf who looked amazing when she was pissed off. pissed her off alot, just to see that face ;)

  pinkorchid88  |  0

he must have been joking... my boyfriend loves getting me angry becuse he says I look cute when I am... that doesn't mean he doesn't love me...Im sure that's how ur bf ment it as well


OP, I'm sure he meant it as a compliment. you know, like he's saying you're always pretty, even when you're upset. it's acttually kind of cute, in an awkward sort of way.

sorry about your cat by the way. :(

  Monikabug  |  9

I think that your boyfriend meant well in an off-the-wall kind of way. For instance, I wear a lot of make-up, and when girls cry, our make-up smears, revealing our true self, our natural skin. Maybe what your boyfriend means is that he likes seeing you cry, because that is when he gets to see the real you, the you without all of the glitz and glamour. (This is how my boyfriend attempted to explain this one to me...)
In other words, I think that your man was saying that you are beautiful, too beautiful to be crying. He means well, he really does.

So sorry about your cat though, OP. I hope it gets better for you, but for now FYL.

  Ouroboros_fml  |  0

did he proceed to lick the tears off your face and moan passionately? I wouldn't dump him unless you want to wind up like the rats and pigeons he stitches together in his basement using dental floss. congrats on dating a psychopath!

  abyssal_angel  |  6

I think #77 is right. As bizarre as it sounds, some girls truly do just look flat out beautiful when they cry. It's not a sadistic thing or anything sick like that. It's just the vulnerability in their eyes is endearing. It makes you want to take care of them. That sort of thing. So while OP's boyfriend has NO gift for words, it sounds like he meant well. So.. this isn't really an FML or a YDI. Sorry about the cat though.

  baby_val  |  0

he prolly just meant he thinks it's sweet tht uu actually have feelins.. maybe ur naturally cold hearted.. ha jk but nah he didn't mean he likes seein uu hurt dumbass don't be so Patheitc

  amymarie13  |  0

who wears that much makeup that when you cry it reveals the " true you"? I understand having smeared mascara but you're talking about pulling off layers.....nasty

  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

@#6 I actually think he did. I think he was trying to give her a compliment while she was feeling upset but it came out wrong? Not sure. Unless her boyfriend really is that sadistic and loves to see her cry, meaning he loves seeing her hurt and in pain emotionally. In which case, that kinda sucks